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a dance club; a building with a large, open area where people can dance while listening to music, usually a business that serves alcoholic beverages
disk jockey; a person who decides what songs to play and in what order, often speaking between the songs, especially on the radio, at a dance club, or at a special event like a wedding
to be a DJ; to play recorded music, especially in a club
a recorded song that has been rearranged and/or combined with other songs in some way
mixed drink
a drink made with alcohol and juice, coffee, or cream, usually with a sweet taste
pumped up
excited, enthusiastic, and energetic; ready to do something
to use a small part of a song to create a new song
one song on a CD, associated with a number
pounding beat
a very strong rhythm in a song, especially for dancing
dance floor
a large, open area where people can dance, usually at a dance club or special event
to transition into something very smoothly; without a break or pause
calm and relaxing; not exciting or loud
club music
the type of music normally played at dance clubs, usually very loud, electronic music, and perhaps experimental or hip-hop
sit this one out
to not participate in something right away, but maybe wait for the next opportunity, used especially when one does not want to dance to the current song
a measure of how loud or quiet something is
turn sth up
to increase the level of something, especially volume or temperature
tranquil; quiet; not very exciting or enthusiastic
related to a style of music known as "the blues," which is a little bit sad and was created by African Americans in the early 1900s.
independent; a small company that produces music and takes a lot of risks on unusual music and unknown performers; not one of the large music companies
hip; cool; modern; interesting; unusual
dance music
music that people like to dance to; music created to help people dance, usually with a clear rhythm or beat
sad; making one feel sad for no particular reason
faint praise
very weak support or admiration for something, possibly even criticizing something
in the mood for
wanting to have or do something at the moment
with a fast speed, rhythm, or beat; happening quickly
driving beat
with a rhythm that has a strong repeating beat that seems to push the song forward, not letting it slow down
extreme; very much; fully dedicated or committed to something
if that's any indication
a phrase used when one wants to indicate that whatever was just explained is an example of what one is talking about
related to string instruments (guitars, violins) that do not use electronics or technology to change the sound or make it louder
not my thing
not something that you like or enjoy; not one of your interests; not something that you are interested in
one song on an album or CD
just say sth
to say something that one does not fully believe or agree with, usually because one knows that it is what the other person wants to hear
grow on sth
to become more appealing or attractive to someone over time; for a person to begin to like something
all ears
very eager to hear something or listen to someone; willing to listen