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Verbos IRREGULARES en el presente

irregular verbs in the present
e ->
-cerrar (to close)
-empezar (to start)
-entender (to understand)
-merendar (to snack)
-nevar (to snow)
-pensar (to think)
-peder (to loose)
-preferir (to prefer)
-recomendar (to recommend)
-querer (to wish, want love)
-sentir (to feel or regret)
e -> i
-competir (to compete)
-pedir (to order ask request)
-repetir (to repeat)
-servir (to serve)
o -> ue
-almorzar (to eat lunch)
-contar (to count or tell)
-costar (to cost)
-devolver (to return: an object)
-dormir (to sleep)
-encontrar (to encounter)
-llover (to rain)
-morir (to die)
-mostrar (to show)
-poder (to be able; can)
-probar (to try, test, or taste)
-recordar (to record or remember)
-volver (to return: person)
u -> ue
-jugar (to play)