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  1. Color White was associated with
  2. What are the commonly excepted colors in the rainbow (Term)
  3. Where is there the most heat produced in the visible light spectrum
  4. Light gets dimmer farther away because
  5. Where is the most heat
  1. a Red
  2. b Infra-red
  3. c Purity
  4. d ROY G. BIV
  5. e same light, bigger space

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  1. White light is not reflecting
  2. Why does a blue object appear to be black when looking through a red filter
  3. It is Light. Can travel with the absence of matter
  4. Can't be clearly seen, but does let light pass
  5. Can only travel through matter

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  1. What is beyond RedUltra-violet


  2. ShadowA place where an object is blocking light


  3. Light travels in _____ lines1 second


  4. A billionth of a meterInfra-red


  5. What is white lightUltra-violet