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  1. What are the commonly excepted colors in the rainbow (Term)
  2. What is white light
  3. More than 1 form of energy is produced
  4. Two models
  5. Electro-magnetic waves
  1. a A mix of colors
  2. b Particle and Wave
  3. c ROY G. BIV
  4. d It is Light. Can travel with the absence of matter
  5. e When an energy transformation takes place...

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  1. Can only travel through matter
  2. Before constructing a model, scientists...
  3. A place where an object is blocking light
  4. straight
  5. Light is a form of

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  1. A billionth of a meterInfra-red


  2. RoomCamera


  3. Light travels from the moon instraight


  4. Two prisms and a lens: First prism producedWhen an energy transformation takes place...


  5. Light gets dimmer farther away becausesame light, bigger space