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  1. Electro-magnetic waves
  2. Shadow
  3. What is beyond Red
  4. Room
  5. Color Subtraction
  1. a It is Light. Can travel with the absence of matter
  2. b Camera
  3. c Subtracting wavelenghts
  4. d Infra-red
  5. e A place where an object is blocking light

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  1. ROY G. BIV
  2. straight
  3. Red
  4. Light from the closest in
  5. White light is not reflecting

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  1. Scale-size itCan't be clearly seen, but does let light pass


  2. What object reflect all colorsWhy does a blue object appear to be black when looking through a red filter


  3. The Spectrum left the second prism asWhite Objects


  4. EnergyLight is a form of


  5. Light from the sun1 second