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  1. The Spectrum left the second prism as
  2. Transparent
  3. Light from the sun
  4. Light travels in _____ lines
  5. Models help because
  1. a White Light
  2. b 8 minutes
  3. c straight
  4. d they are easy to understand difficult things
  5. e Substances that let light pass through certain wavelengths

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  1. Infra-red
  2. Camera
  3. Before constructing a model, scientists...
  4. Ultra-violet
  5. A place where an object is blocking light

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  1. Two modelsLunar and Solar


  2. TranslucentCan't be clearly seen, but does let light pass


  3. Why aren't the commonly excepted colors in the rainbow an inaccurate descriptionROY G. BIV


  4. Color White was associated withPurity


  5. EnergyLight is a form of