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  1. Energy
  2. Room
  3. Color White was associated with
  4. Light travels really really fast. So...
  5. Shadow
  1. a Light is a form of
  2. b A place where an object is blocking light
  3. c It travels instantly
  4. d Camera
  5. e Purity

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  1. they are easy to understand difficult things
  2. Substances that let light pass through certain wavelengths
  3. Infra-red
  4. A mix of colors
  5. How big is a nanometer

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  1. What is beyond VioletUltra-violet


  2. Light travels from the moon in1 second


  3. Where is the most heatA mix of colors


  4. Light gets dimmer farther away becausethey are easy to understand difficult things


  5. Both Mechanical and Electro-magnetic waves transmitIt is Light. Can travel with the absence of matter