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  1. Electro-magnetic waves
  2. What is beyond Violet
  3. Two prisms and a lens: First prism produced
  4. What is white light
  5. Scale-size it
  1. a It is Light. Can travel with the absence of matter
  2. b Ultra-violet
  3. c Colored Spectrum
  4. d Before constructing a model, scientists...
  5. e A mix of colors

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  1. Can't be clearly seen, but does let light pass
  2. 400 - 800 Nanometers
  3. straight
  4. Camera
  5. Lunar and Solar

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  1. Filter absorbs colorsSubtracting wavelenghts


  2. Models help becauseWhite light is not reflecting


  3. Where is there the most heat produced in the visible light spectrumROY G. BIV


  4. Why is black blackWhite light is not reflecting


  5. Energy Transformations/Light!Light Produces...


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