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Which of the following is not a component of sternberg's triangular theory of love?


According to erik erikson, what must individuals achieve before they can develop intimacy?

an identity

What is an individuals behavioral style and characteristic emotional respones?


according to robert sternberg's triarchic theory of love, love is characterized by the dimensions of...

passion, commitment, and intimacy

indiduals with an anxious attachment style...

demand closeness in relationships and are more emtional.

On average, divorced adults remarry within how many years after thier divorce


one of the benefits of marriage is?

increased longevity

avoidant individuals...

tend to distance themselves from thier partner

what isnt an advantage of being a single adult?

forming intimate relationships with other adults

what isnt a component of a moral personality?

moral decisions

erik erikson's 4rth stage of development, appearing during middle and late childhood is called

industry vs inferiority

children who are bullied have increased feelings of


all of the following are peer except


which of the following terms refers to self-evaluations in the different domains of an individuals life?


in which of the following areas has it been found that girls exhibit better skills then boys?

verbal skills

during the elementary years a child's self-understanding includes increasing refrence to all of the following except?

physical characteristics

the term that describes the extenet to which children are liked or disliked by their peer group is

sociometric status

a girls first menstruation is called


what is the 2nd leading cause of death in adolescence?


behind the 1st wisker and the widening of hips in girls is a flood of WHAT powerful chemical substances secreted by the endocrine glands and carried threw the body by the bloodstream


recent research has found that early maturing girls are more likely than late maturing girls to be

depressed, become alcholic, and/or have an eating disorder

which of the following groups is death threw homicide especially common in adolescene?

African american males

according to jean piaget adolescents differ from younger children to that younger childeren cannot..

systematically test hypotheses.

what is the heightend self-consciousness of adolescents?


anorexia nervosa is

an eating disorder that involves the relentless pursuit of thinness threw starvation

personal fable and imaginary audience are parts of adolescent...


emerging adulthood is a time frame during which most indidviduals are?...

sexually active and unmarried

binge drinking would be most common among which of the following groups

college men staying in fraternity houses

the transition from adolescence to adulthood has been referred to as emerging adulthood, which occurs from approx. how many years of age?


manny has contracted a virus that is destorying his body's immune system. Manny most likely has..


in deleoping countries, marriage, the marker for entry into adulthood usually occurs WHEN in the adulthood markers in the US?

much earlier than

researchers have found that male rapists share the following characteristcs: aggression enhances thier sense of pwer or masculinity; they are angry ar women in general; and...

they want to hurt and humilate thier victims

which of the following statements about working while in college is true?

working more hours results in decreased grades

all the following are key features identified by jeffrey arnett as characterizing emerging adulthood except


in developing countries the most widely recognized marker of entry into adulthood is

getting married

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