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  1. pressley o'bannon
  2. james olgethorpe
  3. paris
  4. francis scott key
  5. fast food place
  1. a Best known Georgia Trustee
  2. b railway lunch counter
  3. c Wrote "The Star Spangled Banner"
  4. d lead rad on Tripoli in 1804
  5. e Where was Jefferson when the Constitution was being written?

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  1. His voyages were basis of Dutch claims in America
  2. Southern boundary of Georgia colony
  3. Secretary of the Constitutional Convention
  4. "The US will buy peace with no nation"
  5. Nickname was "Rogue Island"

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  1. cotton ginAbbreviation of "cotton engine"


  2. thomas jeffersonHe stretched the Constitution when he bought Louisiana


  3. john and charles wesleywrote hymn "Amazing Grace"


  4. gunpowdera buyers monopoly


  5. john newtonwrote hymn "Amazing Grace"