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  1. cotton gin
  2. gunpowder
  3. virginia plan
  4. henry hudson
  5. james madison
  1. a Abbreviation of "cotton engine"
  2. b Large state plan
  3. c "The US will buy peace with no nation"
  4. d Furnished by French king to Americans
  5. e His voyages were basis of Dutch claims in America

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  1. He stretched the Constitution when he bought Louisiana
  2. First political cartoon in American newspaper drawn by him
  3. He said "Whitney's rifles are the best to cross the Plains with."
  4. Where was Jefferson when the Constitution was being written?
  5. founders of Methodist Church

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  1. monopsonyAbbreviation of "cotton engine"


  2. william jacksonHe said "Whitney's rifles are the best to cross the Plains with."


  3. pressley o'bannonlead rad on Tripoli in 1804


  4. new jersey planLarge state plan


  5. george washington"I don't know whether I have one or thirteen armies."