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Bio 189
Carbon fixation is taking place when plants
incorporate CO2 into sugars
which of the following is a transfer of genes between non-homologous chromosomes
The phenotype of an organism can be influenced by
both its environment and its genotype
in the cycling of energy and carbon through living things, plants and some other organisms use CO2 to make carbon-containing molecules,while other organisms break down those molecules and release CO2.During this process,CO2 is produced during ____ and used during______
cellular respiration; photosynthesis
photosynthesis is driven by the_____ light spectrum
the enzyme rubisco binds O2 during the calvin cycle
The sugar that first bonds with carbon dioxide in the calvin cycle is
Which of the following equations properly summarizes photosynthesis
6CO2+6H20+SUNLIGHT---> C6H1206+602
Which molecule is made in the nucleus but exists to function in the cytoplasm
Which of the following is the proper sequence of events in the gene expression
DNA---->mRNA---> protein
what products do plants produce during photosynthesis that is are used by humans and other animals?
glucose and oxygen
The replication of DNA molecule results in
two DNA molecules,each with one old and one new strand
what is being separated during anaphase of mitosis
sister chromatids
which cell structure physically moves the cell's chromosomes
the mitotic spindle
If a cell with 16 chromosomes undergoes mitosis,how many chromosomes will each daughter cell have
why is prokaryotic cell division fundamentally different from eukaryotic cell division
Prokaryotic cells have a single chromosome and no nuclear membrane
An autosomal recessive disorder
is more frequent in males than females
How many chromosomes are in a human gamete
A (2n (diploid) cell from an organism has 40 chromosomes. How many chromosomes would be in a haploid gamete from this organism
You have homologous pairs of chromosomes in each of your cells.In what way are these pairs of chromosomes identical
they have genes for the same traits
A and a are dominant and recessive alleles,respectively,of the same gene.Which genotype(s) would result in an individual with the dominant phenotype?
AA and Aa
Crossing over occurs during which stage of meiosis?
prophase I
What event occurs in both anaphase of mitosis and anaphase II of meiosis II?
sister chromatids separate
What is the result of recombination (crossing over)during meiosis?
it creates chromosomes that are a new combination of paternal and maternal material
what is the result of independent assortment during meiosis
genetically diverse gametes are likely to be produced
If the chromosome number were not halved when gametes are produced, what would be the result of fertilization
the zygote would have double the number of chromosomes as the parents
What is the term for an observable trait of an organism
The D gene controls pea plant height.The DD and dd genotypes confer tall and dwarf phenotypes,respectively. What is the relationship between D and d
They are different alleles of the same gene
Mendel crossed true breeding pea plants and found the dominant trait always appeared in the F1 generation, but it appeared in a ___ ration of dominant to recessive in the F2 generation
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is caused by a recessive allele.A child has CF, even though neither of his parents has CF.Which of the following describes the genotypes of the parents?
They are both heterozygous for the CF gene
Let S=smooth pea and s=wrinkled pea; Y yellow pea and y=green pea. What are the different possible genotypes of the gametes produced by a plant that is heterozygous for both characters?
Height is an example a character that displays continous variation in humans.What is the reason for the range of heights in humans?
Height is governed by the interaction of many genes
The site of photosynthesis in a cell is the
What are the products of the replication of one DNA molecule?
two identical double stranded DNA molecule
what is tje primary purpose of the light reactions of photosynthesis
to convert solar energy to chemical energy
A liver cell from a human male has
22 pairs of autosomes, an X chromosome, and a Y chromosome
Regarding the human sex chromosomes,which statement is correct?
The X chromosome carries more genes than does the Y chromosome
Which of the following is not a component of DNA nucleotides?
Red-green color blindness is an X-linked recessive trait in humans. A color blind woman and a man with normal vision have a son. What is the probability that the son is color blind
100 percent
A person who has recessive disorder but does not have the disorder him or herself is said to be a/an
what is the connection between sickle cell anemia and malaria
Heterozygous for sickle cell anemia have some resistance to malaria
What is one difference between polyploidy and aneuploidy
polyploidy is extra sets of chromosomes;aneuploidy occurs when there are either more or fewer chromosomes than normally exist in its species full set.
when a fragment breaks from a chromosome and rejoins it , in a flipped orientation the result is called a/an
Why are the strands of DNA said to be complementary to each other?
all the bases of one strand are paired up with their complementary bases on the other strand
How many different types of bases are used to encode all the genetic information in a molecule of DNA
The nucleotides in one strand of DNA are held together by:
links between the sugar of one nucleotide and the phosphate of the next
What is the complementary sequence for a segment of DNA with the sequence ACGGCT?
The two strands of a double helix of DNA are linked by what kind of bond?
hydrogen bonds between complementary bases
what is nondisjunction
failure of homologous chromosomes or before mitosis or meiosis
Why do X linked conditions appear more frequently in males than in females
A male with a nonfunctioning allele on the X chromosome does not have another allele of that gene on the Y chromosome that could cover up the nonfunctioning one