Patricia va a California


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Where is Guatemala?
Central America
What city does Patricia live in?
What is the capital city in Guatemala called?
City Guatemala
Why do people go to Panajachel
Shopping, lake and volcanoes
What is the name of one of the volcanoes in Guatemala?
How far is Panajachel from the capital?
3 hours
What are girls blouses in Guatemala called?
When and what is winter like
May and rainy
How long does summer start and end?
December through april
What is the names of Patricia's parents
Eduardo and Elena
What are the names of Patricia's siblings?
David, berta and silvia
What is a common dessert in Guatemala?
Custard and Cheesecake
What is the typical food in Guatemala?
What is the name of Patricia's school in Guatemala?
Colegio Maria de la Cruz
What are the three details of the program
Students need to know a little English, pay the program fee and they need to leave in three months
How much and how long is the trip to the USA
$400 for 4 months
What day does Patricia leave for the USA and what day does she return?
August 23 through December 22
How long is the plane ride to the USA
4 hours
What is the time difference between Guatemala and the USA
1 hour difference
What are the names and ages of the "new families" girls
Diane who is 15 and Lisa who is 12
What are the names of her "new families" parents
Ron and Susan
Where is Patricia's new home?
What hour does Patricia have English?
1st hour
What is Patricia's "new high school" mascot
Who calls the police when Debbie is being mugged
What, and how many animals does Patricia's family own?
2 ducks, 3 dogs and 5 chickens
What gift does Debbie receive from the people in Guatemala?
a plate that says California
How long did Debbie stay in Guatemala?
a month