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tornadoes characterized by

low pressure

order to classified as hurricane, wind velocity must exceed

119 (74) km/hr (mph)

eye of hurricane characterized by

sinking air

average directional movement of tornadoes

southwest to northeast

thunderstorms are unknown poleward of

60 degrees

calm fair weather is result of

midlatitude cyclone

most active phase of thunderstorm

mature phase

when neither air mass displaces adjacent one, boundary is called

stationary front

tornado advances at rate of speed of

22-50 km/hr

desert would be obvious zone of origin of

cT air mass

on average, ____ move fastest of all

cold fronts

extratropical cyclones and anticyclones functions in the


hurricane formation is rare within ___ of equator

10 degrees

thunderstorms are violent ______storms


stable anticyclones act as


global westerly wind zone impacts

middle latitudes

upper air divergence most closely associated with surface


in occluded front, warm air sector is

above the ground

movement of middle latitude cyclones is determined by jet stream and

Rossby waves

cyclogenesis occurs along

the polar front

hurricane destruction to land coastlines worse when feature is present

storm surge

in N. Hemi, midlatitude cyclone has winds that circulate

counterclockwise while converging

along all fronts in a middle latitude cyclone

air rises

mature middle latitude cyclone takes shape of


most midlatitude cyclones have

paths determined by upper air flow

common diameter for tornado funnel

50 meters

stage of thunderstorm associated with coexistance of updraft and downdrafts

mature stage

occurs mostr frequently

an easterly wave

in midlatitude anticyclone, strongest winds usually found

near eastern edge

the "death" of a midlatitude cyclone


front that causes many hours of steady rain

warm front

____most dynamic and changeable day to day weather

middle latitudes

approx _____ lightning storms are occurring around the world


cause associated with greatest loss of life in hurricanes

storm surges

boundary between mT and Ct air


1-5 scale rating hurricane intensity is the ____ scale

Saffir Simpson

What process seems to weaken hurricanes

eyewall replacement

large body of air with internal homogeneous characteristics is known as

air mass

____ affect weather over greatest area at any one time

midlatitude cyclone

part of thunderstorm cloud electrified with negative charges

near the base

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