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Ch. 10 Europe In the Middle Ages Mrs. Mays

Causes of increase in Population
Europe was more settled and peaceful
Dramatic expansion in food production
Factors for dramatic increase
1. Climates with better growing condition
2. Peasants cut down trees for farming
3. Change in technology
4. Water + wind power
5. Carruca(Plow)
6. 3-Field System
was an agricultural estate run by a lord and worked by peasants
peasants legally bound to the land
Money Economy
an economic system based on money, rather than barter
Serfs Economic obligations
1. work the lord's land
2. pay rent with a share of every product they raised
3.Pay tithe to church (10%)
5. pay for certain services
Serf's Benefits
1. Protection from the lord land
2. a home
3. land for farming
Lord's Economic obligations
1. pay for protection
2. legal rights for serfs
Lord's Benefits
1. all manual labor for free
business associations that set standard of quality
a person who wanted to learn a trade first- not paid
worked for wages for others;5-7 years work from master
a finish piece in their craft created by journeymen; judged by masters and if passed can join guild
french working class
official charge for being a heretic
hatred of jews
france's chief tax
flying buttress
arched supports on outside of Gothic building