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Vocabulary terms from chapter 8 for my wonderful 8th graders!

polytheistic (adj.)

believing in more than one god

Medina (Madinah)

a town that was called Yathrib before it was renamed. Muhammad went on a pilgrimage after a group of Arab pilgrims came to ask Muhammad for help

Mecca (Makkah)

Muhammad's birthcity


a person who adopts new beliefs, especially those of a religious faith


a social group that shares a common ancestry, leadership, and traditions


a refusal to do business with an organization or group


a place where a group of soldiers is stationed for defensive purposes

monotheistic (adj.)

belief in a single God


an attempt to surround a place and cut off all access to it in order to force a surrender


a line of rulers descended from the same family


a title taken by Muslim rulers who claimed religious authority to rule

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