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outline tab

views of the presentation in an outline of the slide text

slide tab

a thumbnail, or miniature view of the slides

slide pane

as you type you can view this text, which shows a large view of the current slide on the right of the window

notes pane

at the bottom of the window the area where you can type notes and additional information. This text can consist of notes to yourself or remarks to share with your audience

slide sorter view

you can see all the slides in the presentation simultaneously. a thumbnail version of each slide is displayed, and you can rearrange their order, add transitions and timings to switch from one slide to the next in a presentation, add and delete slides, and preview animations

slide show view

fills the entire screen and allows you to see the slide show just as your audience views it.


are boxes that are displayed when you create a new slide

text placeholders

this is where you type titles, body text, and bulleted lists.

design template

it determines the cholor scheme, font and font size, and layout of the presentation

slide design task pane

shows a variety of styles- you can alter the colors used in the design templates bu using the slide design color schemes task pane

slide-design animation schemes task pane

you can animate elements of your presentation in this task pane

line wraps

text that exceeds the width of the placeholder

text auto-fit

allows you to squeeze an extra line in the text placeholder

text attribute

is a characteristic of the text such as font, font size, font style, or text color


automatic extension of a Power Point file name

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