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Henry Ford Community College (HFCC) - Professor Harper - CRJ 234 - Test 3 (Final Exam) Questions

Pyrex glass

is made with the addition of boron oxide

Tempered glass is used in

the side/rear windows of autos manufactured in the US

Flotation is a method used by scientists to determine the ___ of a particle of glass


When a bullet penetrates a panel of glass, it leaves a crater-shaped hole that

is wider on the exit side

Which is a true statement about the fracturing of glass?

Radial cracks appear first, starting on the side opposite the destructive force

What is the logical first step in soil analysis?

comparison of dried soil sample for color and texture

The two most important physical properties of glass for forensic comparison are

refractive index and density

In reference to the diagrom below, what is the correct sequence of impacts?

A first

Stress marks on the edge of a radial crack near the point of impact are

perpendicular to the side on which the force was applied

The refractive index of a substance varies with

all of the above
(the color of the light passing through it)
(its temperature)
(the wavelength of the light passing through it)

Type AB blood contains

both A and B antibodies

In the US, the rarest blood type is


To determine whether a bloodstain is of human or animal origin, the serologist will perform

a precipitin test

Paternity testing is done involving a women with type AB blood who has accused a man with type B blood of fathering her child who has tested AB. When can be determined in this case?

The male could have fathered the child

Luminol can be used at crime scenes to

detect traces of blood without compromising potential DNA typing

Buccal cells are obtained from

the mouth and inside of the cheek

The presence of absence of how many antigens determines an individual's blood type in the A-B-O system?


An individual who is type O has

neither A nor B antibodies

Antibodies are found

in the blood serum

PSA (p30) is a

protein unique to seminal plasma

If blood is found to have both A and B antigens is typed as


Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Spermatozoa can generally be found in the vagina of a living female after 3 days

A stain can tentatively be identified as blood by

all of the above
(benzidine test)
(Bluestar test)
(phenolphthalein test)
(luminol test)

___ transports oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues and carry carbon dioxide back to the lungs

Red blood cells

The D antigen is also known as the ___ antigen


The clumping together of red blood cells by the action of an antibody is known as


The pointed end of a bloodstain always faces

in its direction of travel

A blood droplet deposited at an angle of impact of about 90° (directly vertical to the surface) will

be approximately circular in shape

The most common type of bloodstain pattern found at a crime scene is

impact spatter

The deposition of backward spatter produced by a gunshot wound is determined by

all of the above
(size of the wound created)
(distance between the victim and the muzzle)
(location of the surface of deposition)
(location of the injury)

If a murder victim's blood is found in the muzzle of a firearm

it cane be concluded that the firearm was present during injury to the victim

Widely spaced bloody shoeprints with satellite spatter between the shoeprints were likely deposited by an individual who was


A trail pattern leading away from the victim at a stabbing scene was most likely created by

blood dripping from the murder weapon

Crime scene reconstruction have the best chance of accuracy if

investigators use proper documentation and collection methods fro all types of evidence

Crime scene reconstruction requires the piece together of

all of the above
(story told by evidence recovered at the crime scene)
(accounts given by witnesses and suspects)
(input from the medical examiner)
(laboratory results obtained by the criminalist working on the case)

Generally, bloodstain diameter ___ as height increases


The ___ of a bloodstain pattern in a three-dimensional space illustrates the position of the victim or suspect when the stain-producing event took place.

area of origin

By counting and pairing the patterns of a(n) ___ pattern, an investigator can estimate the minimum number of blows inflicted upon a victim


The reason grooves are rifled into the bore of a gun is so that a

bullet will be made to spin and hence have a true and accurate course on leaving the barrel

The barrel of a shotgun

is smooth without the grooves and lands found in rifles

Generally, the guage of a shotgun is ___ to the diameter of its barrel

directly related

Distinctive markings of shells and cartridges can be made by the

all of the above
(breech lock)
(extractor and ejector mech)
(firing pin)

NIBIN is/are:

database for firearm evidence

Generally speaking, the amount of gunpowder particles found around a bullet hole is ___ to the distance from which the weapon was fired

directly related

When an etching agent is applied to a metal surface in order to restore a removed serial number the stamped area will dissolve at ___ as the unstamped area

a greater rate

To prevent the disturbance of latent fingerprints on a firearm, the weapon should be lifted by

the edge of the trigger guard or by the checkered portion of the grip

When a gun is recovered from an underwater location, it should be

transported to the crime lab in a contained with enough of the same water necessary to keep it submerged

Discharged evidence bullets must be carefully handled to avoid damage to the

striation markings

The distribution of gunpowder particles and other discharge residues around a bullet hole permits

determination of the distance from which the gun was fired

Which of the following statements is true?

The comparison microscope is an indispensable tool of the firearm examiner

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