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Romanesque Art

Interior of St. Philibert. Romanesque. Groin-vaulting square bays. Quadrant vaults.
St. Sernin. Romanesque. Semicircular vaulting. Ambulentory.
The nave of St. Sernin. Romanesque.
Interior of Abby church at Notre Dam. Romanesque.
Nave and Arcade vaults of Abby Church of Notre Dam. Romanesque.
Saint Ambrogio. Romanesque. Groin vaulting - increases area of clerestory windows. Atrium.
Interior of Saint Ambrogio. Romanesque. Octagonal dome, emphatic support, ribbed vaulting.
St. Etienne. Romanesque. Six partide vaulting.
Interior of St. Etienne. Romanesque. Sexpartide vaulting and peirs for support.
The Nave of Durham Catherdral. Norman Romanesque.
Cathedral Group of Pisa. Italian Romanesque. Incrustions.
Baptistery of San Giovanni. Italian Romanesque.
Interior of San Minatio. Italian Romanesque. Diaphragm arches.
Cloister of Saint Pierre. French Romanesque.
Lions and Old Testament Prophet at Saint Pierre. French Romanesque.
The Ascension of Christ. French Romanesque. tympanum. From La Madeleine. About Last Judgment. To terrify sinners. Giz Labertus.
Baptism of Christ from Notre Dame des fonts. French Romanesque.
Virgin and Child Morgan Madonna. Romanesque.
Nave of the Abby Church. French Romanesque.
Arcade of the apse of the Abby church.