27 terms

27 Amendments

First Amendment
Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press Assembly, and Petition
Second Amendment
Right to bear arms
Third Amendment
Quartering of troops
Fourth Amendment
Searches and seizures
Fifth Amendment
Not to Incriminate Yourself, No Double Jeopardy, and You cannot be held without indictment
Sixth Amendment
Speedy trial
Seventh Amendment
Trial by jury
Eighth Amendment
Protection from cruel and unusual punishment
Ninth Amendment
Rights are not limited to these only
Tenth Amendment
Any power not listed here is given to the states
Eleventh Amendment
Person can sue a state in a state court only
Twelfth Amendment
(The Electoral College) Electors from each state vote for the President
Thirteenth Amendment
Outlaws slavery
Fourteenth Amendment
Grants citizenship to people born here
Fifteenth Amendment
Right to vote regardless of race
Sixteenth Amendment
Creation of Income Tax
Seventeenth Amendment
Senators to be elected by the people
Eighteenth Amendment
Ninteenth Amendment
Women's Right to Vote
Twentieth Amendment
Starting date of Presidential term (January 20th)
Twenty-First Amendment
Repeal of Prohibition
Twenty-Second Amendment
Sets term limits for the President
Twenty-Third Amendment
Presidential electors for Washington D.C.
Twenty-Fourth Amendment
No taxes on elections
Twenty-Fifth Amendment
Presidential Secession
Twenty-Sixth Amendment
Voting Age
Twenty-Seventh Amendment
Congressional Pay