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Art 101: Ch 7-9


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This photographer of Atop the Chrysler Building was associated with Life magazine
Margaret Bourke-White
One of the earliest forms of photographic images was a:
The device invented in the 16th century as a means of capturing and fixing images from the natural world whose name means "dark room" is:
camera obscura
_______ was an early advocate of photography as an art form. He/she opened a gallery in New York in 1905.
________ invented the Polaroid camera.
Edwin Land
Many contemporary photographers use new _______ technology, exemplified by Andreas Gursky's Satesville, Illinois.
Edward Muybridge is best known for photographic people and animals in:
Film depends on a phenomenon called _______ in which the human brain retains a visual image for a fraction of a second longer than the human eye records, making everything we see continuous and uninterrupted.
persistence of vision
In filmmaking, each unbroken sequence of movie frames, with the camera still rolling, is called a:
________ used photographs to increase public awareness of the beauty of nature in his/her photos of national parks.
This still from Oskar Fischinger's film Circles is considered to be the first
use of digital media
An Andalusian Dog was created by the surreal artists Luis Bunuel and
Salvador Dali
One of Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein's major contributions to film was his skilled use of _______ to heighten the dramatic intensity
The work Absolute Power is typical of the designer:
Chaz Maviyane-Davies
The art of composing printed material from letterforms is called:
An illustration is commonly used alongside:
written material
The goal of graphic design is to:
inform and persuade
An identifying mark or trademark is referred to as a(n) _______.
The short lines or feet at the base of type are called:
Non-Italic typesetting is known as _______ type.