45 terms

7th Grade Vocabulary Review

Study this at the end of the 7th Grade year.

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dignity (n.)
dignified (adj.)
undignified (antonym)
the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect
star-crossed (adj.)
marked by ill fate; unlucky or unfortunate
strife (n.)
a bitter or sometimes violent conflict between two groups of people
valiant (adj.)
valiantly (adv.)
valiance (n.)
very brave or courageous
augment (v.)
augmentation (n.)
to add to something to increase it in size, intensity or quality
disparage (v.)
disparaging (adj.)
disparagement (n.)
to speak about someone or something to make them seem weak or unimportant
conjure (v.)
to evoke a certain image or emotion; to create something as if by magic
alliance (n.)
a bond or relationship based usually on common interests
commend (v.)
commendation (n.)
to entrust something with someone; to praise publicly
drivel (v.)
drivel (n.)
to talk nonsense
monologue (n.)
a lengthier speech by one character to another or the audience
soliloquy (n.)
a lengthier speech by one character to themselves that reveals their inner feelings or thoughts that no other character can hear
aside (n.)
a short address to the audience that other characters shouldn't hear
act (n.)
a unit of drama usually denoted by narrative components, such as exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action
scene (n.)
a unit of drama that is smaller than an act and usually denoted by a changing of characters
malignant (adj.)
malignantly (adv.)
malignancy (n.)
predisposed to do evil; harmful
timid (adj.)
timidity (n.)
timidly (adv.)
lacking in self-confidence or courage
avarice (n.)
avaricious (adj.)
avariciously (adv.)
lament (n.)
lament (v.)
an expression of grief
perplex (v.)
perplexedly (adv.)
to make unclear, confused, or illogical
collusion (n.)
collude (v.)
collusive (adj.)
collusively (adv.)
a secret agreement or cooperation that is usually deceitful or illegal
melody (n.)
melodic (adj.)
melodically (adv.)
a series of pleasant sounds; a tune
incandescent (adj.)
incandescence (n.)
incandescently (adv.)
to glow or shed light as if from heat
subside (v.)
to decrease in intensity or severity
stalwart (n.)
stalwart (adj.)
someone that is a loyal supporter of a cause; loyal, reliable, and/or hardworking
benign (adj.)
harmless or kind
judicious (adj.)
judiciously (adv.)
judiciousness (n.)
sensible or fair due to reasonable judgment
semblance (n.)
an appearance that is not fully true
fatigue (v.)
fatigue (n.)
to wear out or exhaust; weariness or exhaustion
sentimental (adj.)
sentimentally (adv.)
sentimentality (n.)
appealing to the emotions as opposed to reason, especially in an excessive way
blunt (adj.)
bluntly (adv.)
bluntness (n.)
saying or expressing something in a very direct way that may upset some people
bemoan (v.)
bemoaning (adj.)
to say that you are unhappy about something
yearn (v.)
yearning (adj.)
to feel a strong desire or wish for something
profuse (adj.)
profusely (adv.)
given or existing in large amounts
attribute (n.)
attribution (n.)
a quality or feature that something has
attribute (v.)
to say something is because of something else
eloquent (adj.)
eloquently (adv.)
eloquence (n.)
having or showing ability to use language effectively
subversive (adj.)
secretly trying to ruin a government or system
pious (adj.)
piety (n.)
piously (adv.)
deeply religious or devoted
ludicrous (adj.)
ludicrously (adv.)
ludicrousness (n.)
very foolish; ridiculous
ambivalence (n.)
ambivalent (adj.)
ambivalently (adv.)
having very different feelings about something at the same time
ingenuity (n.)
skill or cleverness in solving problems
gallant (adj.)
gallantry (n.)
gallantly (adv.)
showing courage or having respect for women
indulge (v.)
indulgence (n.)
indulgent (adj.)
indulgently (adv.)
to allow yourself to have or do something as a special treat
confide (v.)
to tell something secret to someone you trust