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since 1960s, cause of plate tectonics


simple symmetrical downfold is


most complicate list below is

overthrust fault

totality of materials ejected from a volcano

pyroclastic material

crustal block which is downthrown with a deep fault scarp


most widespread of all intrusive forms


first comprehensive theory of continental drift

alfred wegener

deformation of earths crust


on richter scale, large earthquakes are ___ or above


volcanic activity that takes place deep under crust is


relatively cooler magma result of

relatively high amount of silica present

evidence of former surface volcanic activity

flood basalt

pacific ring of fire

volcanoes around pacific ocean

most massive form of igneous intrusion


simple symmetrical upfold


radial walls extending outward from a volcano


water collected in small bodies along active fault line

sag ponds

uplift of block of land between two parallel faults


shield volcanoes are ___ than composite volcanoes


detects swelling and possible eruption


wgeners early rejected

failure to provide plausible cause

plate boundaries which are ____ are likely to make island arcs

convergent between oceanic plates

grabens are commonly found in association with


formed on top of earths crust

flood basalt

another name for volcanic mudflow


under earths surface expect a convection current

under midocean ridges

associated with lateral slippage,


one of the reasons scientists strongly believe in plate tectonics

ability to explain all of the above

rate of sea floor spreading in the atlantic

less than 1 cm per year

term for a piece of crust which has been in collision


refers to surface of earth directly above center of earthquake


waves generated by earthquakes


tsunami is

another term for seismic sea wave

in earthquakes, P waves

are faster than S waves

earths crust is composed of at least ___ major plates

a dozen

crustal plates are on the order of ____ km thick


hot plastic material of asthenosphere is most conspicuous at

divergent plate boundaries

usually used to refer to SAME plate boundary

divergent, constructive,

NOT a form of tectonism


lava flows often create

flattish plains

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