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macbeth test

permanent perform spaces; plays were more sophisticated, not religous; modeled from ancient greek plays
name three things about elizabethan drama
long speech, usually made by a character who is alone and thus reveals private thoughts and feelings to the audience, but not characters
prophesy, betrayal
what is the central them of act 1
wants power
based on the information in act 1, what appears to be macbeths character flaw
forshadowing events
what role do the witches play in act 1
places high value on bravery and loyalty
based on the information in act 1, what can you infer about king duncan
guilt.. but torn
how might you describe macbeths feelings about the possible assassination of king duncan
isnt man enough
why does lady macbeth think macbeth has a poor chance of achieving power
it tells you the setting, who is entering and leaving, lets reader know asides
what do stage direction give the reader
when battle is over and won; in heath; with macbeth
where, when and with whom will the witches next meet
what role has macbeth played in the battle
thane of carwdor
what title did macbeth EARN
macbeth will be king; banquo's descendents will be king
what do the witches promise macbeth and banquo
that he has to murder the king
as macbeth thinks about what the witches have promised, what horrid image frightens him
making his son, malcom, heir to his throne
what action of duncan upsets macbeth
loyalty and kind
whta does lady macbeth feel is macbeths weakness
for him to be good, while she plots to kill king duncan
what deed does lady macbeth urge her husband to perform
the trail and murder; murder must deal with his conscience
what is the central idea of act 2
reflect natural speech
why did shakespeare probably write in blank verse
at the castle, at night
where and when do macbeth and banquo meet
theyll be asleep during murder
what is lady macbeths purpose on drugging the servants
crickets cry, owl makes noise
what symbol signals that the murder has been accomplished
feels guilty
why does macbeth declare he "will sleep no more"
commenting about his guilt
what does macbeth really mean when he indicates that the blood on his hands will redden all the seas
what symbolizes king duncan in the old mans dialogue
he looked to much like her father
what reason does lady macbeth give for not killing king duncan herself
convinces them that banquo will cause them misery
how does macbeth persuade the two murderers to kill banquo
struggle between 2 forces; creates drama
internal conflict
struggle within a character
external conflict
struggle between 2 characters or a group
point at which the internal and external conflicts are greatest
to expose macbeths troubles
main purpose of act 3
ghost of banquo- he can see him cause hes guilty
what is the cause of macbeths irrational behavior at the banquet
they are new at being criminals
when macbeth says to lady macbeth in scene iv, "we are yet but young in deed," what does she mean?
hes quick to use treachery
by act 3, how has macbeth changed since the beginning of the play
it would be easier for him to kill him
in scene 1, why is macbeth glad that banquo will not be returning to the palace until nightfall
that macbeth killed duncan
when act 3 begins, banquo says he knows what
banquo knows about prophecy
why does macbeth fear banquo
wants to know more about his future
why will macbeth visit the "weird sister" again
the ability to form mental images of things or events
forshadow macbeths downfall
main purpose of act 4
macbeth is evil
when the witch says "something wicked this way comes," you know what?
macbeth knew macduff fled to england; his mind was changed for him
after visiting the witches, why does macbeth initially change his mind and decide not to have macduff killed
full of questions, couragous
how does shakespeare portray macduffs son in act 4
macbeth vs macduff
the end of act 4 foreshadows an important conflict between whom
keep his power
in act 4, what does macbeth think visiting the witches will accomplish
look out for mcduff, no one born from a woman can harm him, he cant be conquered until the vernum wood goes to dunscan hill
what do the three apparitions show macbeth
8 kings and banquo
what is the last image that macbeth sees in scene 4
a guilty conscience is not easily mended
what is the main message of the tragedy of macbeth, act 5, scene 1, which includes lady macbeths sleepwalking scene?
in scene 3, act 5 whay does macbeths behavior toward the servant who comes to deliver a message ultimately show about macbeths character
when macbeth reveals in scene 5 that he has grown impervious to fear and horror, he is underscoring the plays theme of the
when macduff reveals the details of how he was born
at what point does macbeth first begin to realize that he has been tricked by the prophecies
in act 5, in what way does macbeth revert to his former self
to reinforce the idea that macbeth is a victim of his trgaic flaw
why does shakespeare have macbeth display certain admirable traits at the end of the play
in act 5, which of the following represents the resolution of the plot
is completely baffled
when the doctor watches lady macbeth sleepwalking, he
you can infer the doctors in shakespeare's time knew very little about
A. psychology B. emotional distress C. the mind-body connection
be guilty of a crime of treason
when the doctor tells the waiting gentlewoman to take from lady macbeth "the means of all annoyance," it is because he fears that lady macbeth might
when macbeth says "out, out, brief candle!" the word candle refers to
loyal to lady macbeth
in act 5, scene 1, you can tell that the waiting gentlewoman is
lady macbeth kills herself because
at the end of the play, how does macbeths courage in battle affect the reader