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World History Ch 43

pride in one's country; will do anything for it
wants to be more wealthy and powerful than any other country
military paranoia; keeping a military ready for war
Otto Von Bismarck
chansler(#1) of Germany; wanted to attack France, but didn't act fast enough (so fired because he's a wimp)
Triple Alliance
Italy, Germany, & Austria-Hungary (Central Powers)
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Chansler (#2) wanted revenge on France; young and brash
Triple Entente
Britan, France, & Russia (Allies)
Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand & Sophie
next king of Austria; their murder (Black Hand) causes WWI
July 28, 1814
A/H declares war on Serbia (start of WWI)
Central Powers
Germany, A/H, & Bulgaria
GB, Russia, & FR
Gen. Schlieffen
his plan- take out France and worrie about Russia later becayse they are slow because they're so big
Western Front
France vs. Germany
War Characteristics
trench war fare, machine guns, gasses, air planes, barbed wire, land mines
Battle of Verdun
1 month 300,000 dead each side, Feb. 1916
Eastern Front
Russia vs. Germany, R had sooo many men they just kept coming
Spring/Summer 1917
Euros know if US doesn't join they will lose
Winston Churchill (good on paper) Allies attack Ger. from south, disaster 250,000 died (including Aussies) ask US for help again
submarines sink everything in range of europe
US join
1. Sink Lucitania 2. Zimmerman Telogram 3. Czar overthrown
American Expedition Forces (our army) commander Gen. Blackjack Pershing; dough boys: derogatory term for US soilders
Sopwith Camel
American planes; Eddie Rickembacher ( had been race car driver - Indi 500)
Fokker D VII
Beron Manfred Von Richtova (Red Baron)
Sgt. Alvin York
most decorated soilder of WWI
Battle 2nd Marne
us soilders 1st used
11/11/ 1919 @ 11:11AM in railroad car in France, Hitler signed for Germany
War costs
8.5 mil dead, 21 mil wounded, Allies-42mil, Central-23mil/Ger-1.8/Rus-1.7/Fr-1.3/US-116,000/GB-900,000
Big 4
US=Woodrow Wilson, GB=David Lloyd George, FR=Georges Clemenceau, IT=Vittorio Orlando,
W.W.'s 14pts
1-4 no secrets btw countries, out in open 5- need share over seas colonies 6-13 need new countries so GR not so powerful (like w/ FR) took saar **14- Legue of Nations SanFran, Cali
Treaty of Versailles
1 Legue of Nations 2 Territorail Loses 3 Germ-no military 4 War Guilt($30bil)
Problems w/ Treaty
1 new countries dont like 2 countries totally blown off and pissed 3 Ger cant pay for damages-bad economy 4 US back to introvert passed up chance for greatness
is in jail and angry /blames Jews/ writes Mein Kampf wnats to create Reich (empire) in jail for 6 yrs