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with air


without air


blood that is donated for one's own use


bacteria in the blood

chain of custody

special strict protocol for forensic specimens that requires detailed documentation tracking the specimen from the time it is collected until the results are reported


ability to be mixed together with favorable results, as in blood transfusions


a condition in which the blood sugar is either too high or too low


either a high or low concentration of potassium in the blood


either a high or low level of sodium in the blood


a low level of oxygen in the blood


program that requires all components of a unit of blood to be traceable back to the donor and that also requires notification to all blood recipients when a donor for a blood product they have received has turned positive for a transmissible disease


rupturing, as in the bursting of red blood cells

peak level

drug level collected when the highest serum concentration of the drug is anticipated


microorganisms or their toxins in the blood

trough level

drug level collected when the lowest serum concentration of the drug is expected, usually immediately prior to administration of the next scheduled dose.

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