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Which statement about notebook computers is false?

Notebooks typically have a longer lifespan

ROM is classified as what type of storage?


To document a problem you are having, you can use?

problem step recorder

If you want your system to run reliably, you should?

defragment the hard drive

Which bests describes RAID 0 technology?

saved data is spread across two hard drives

What allows two different programs to be processed at one time?


Which is not a type of memory stored in your system?


The optimal amount of memory for a video card depends on?

quality of the video, resolution of the monitor, number of monitors you have (All the above)

SuperFetch is a memory-management technique that?

preloads the applications you use most into system memory

What is the name for the time it takes a storage device to locate its stored data and make it available for processing?

access time

Blue-Ray Disc?

used to store high-definition media and is the largest optical storage option

Cache Memory?

small blocks of memory next to the CPU chip that acts as a holding place for data that the CPU accesses the most

CPU Usage?

% of time a central processing unit (CPU) is working

Data Transfer Rate (bandwidth)?

max speed data can be transmitted between 2 nodes on a network


hard drive that uses much thinner cables and can transfer data more quickly than IDE drives

Express Cards?

add functions to your notebook

Front Side Bus?

connects processor (CPU) in your computer to the system memory


specialized logic chip that is dedicated to quickly displaying and calculating visual data

Hard Drive?

device that holds all permanently stored programs and data

Memory Module/Card?

small circuit board that holds a series of random access memory chips (RAM)

Moore's Law?

a prediction; states that the number of transistors on a CPU chip will double every 2yrs


temporary storage space or short-term memory

Sound Card?

expansion card that provides a connection for speakers and microphone

Solid State Drive (SSD)?

drive that uses same kind of memory that flash drives use but much faster

System Evaluation?

checking the subsystems to see if the computer has the right hardware components to do what the user wants it to do

Computer viruses that in memory in escape detection are known as?

stealth viruses

Viruses that feature a series of commands hidden on a web site are called?

script viruses

Antivirus software segregates infected files to prevent further spread is known as?


Hackers without sophisticated computer knowledge who use tools developed by others to break into systems are called?

script kiddies

Which are programs that pretend to be a useful program but do something malicious on your computer?

trojan horses

Large groups of software programs that run automatically on many computers at the same time often to perpetrate DoS attacks are known as?


When hackers use zombie computers to launch an attack on another computer or web site it is known as?

distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack

Which are virtual pathways into a computer that firewalls close?

logical ports

Programs that download to your computer, usually without your knowledge, for the purpose of collecting info, is a type of cyber annoyance known as?


Backup of the entire contents on your hard drive is known as?

system backup


program that downloads on your computer when you install a freeware program; pop-ups, advertisements

AntiVirus Software?

specifically designed to detect viruses and protect a computer and files from harm


designed to prevent unauthorized access to computers or networks

Keystroke Loggers?

type of spyware that monitors keystrokes with the intent of stealing passwords and other info


process of sending e-mails to lure internet users to reveal personal info that lead to identity theft

Social Engineering?

any technique that uses social skills to generate human interaction for the purpose of enticing individuals to reveal sensitive info


computer program that attaches itself to another computer programs and attempts to spread to other computers when files are exchanged


computers that are controlled by a hacker

Having different birthdates for the same person on two different lists is an example of?

data inconsistency

Which of the following is NOT one of the three main advantages of using databases?

elimination of data recording errors

A group of related fields in a relational database is called?


An example of a good primary key is a?

order number

Primary Key?

uniquely identifies each record in the table

A(n) ________ database organizes data in a cube format.


Which is not one of the four main operations of a DBMS?

consolidating data

Comparing data values to ensure reasonableness is an example of a?

consistency check

A data system that is a subset of a larger system is known as a?

data mart

An electronic system used to keep track of everyday business activities is an example of a?

transaction-processing system

Data Mining?

process in which data is analyzed to spot patterns or trends that would otherwise not be obvious

Data Warehouse?

database that is used for reporting and analysis

Decision Support System (DSS)?

computer-based information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities


space on a computer allocated for a particular item of info

Join Query?

combines records from two or more tables in a database

Memo Field?

data field that holds a variable amount of text


describes how and when and by whom a particular set of data was collected, and how the data is formatted

Numeric Field?

data field that holds only numbers to be calculated

Relational Algebra?

deals with a set of finitary relations that is closed under certain operators.

Select Query?

returns a result set of records from one or more tables

Structured Query Language (SQL)?

programming language designed for managing data in relational database management systems


set of data values that is organized using a model of vertical columns and horizontal rows

Text Field?

box on a web page that visitors are able to select and type text into it

Which of the following is not an advantage of installing a client/server network in a college?

Decentralization of network security protection

Which is not a reason why client/server networks are usually installed in large businesses?

Peripherals can't be shared on peer-to-peer networks.

When networks are developed at two college campuses 30 miles apart, the networks would be classified as?


Which of the following is not necessary in every client/server network?

database server

To provide for sharing of an internet connection, which server would a corporate network include?


Which type of network topology favors equal access among nodes?


Fiber-optic cable most likely would be used in a corporate network when?

speed is more important than cost

NOS software is?

needed on all computers in a client/server network

On client server networks, switches?

move data efficiently from node to node on the network

Providing adequate security on a corporate network involves these issues, except?

installing NOS blocking software

Application Server?

software framework that provides an environment in which applications can run, no matter what the applications are or what they do

Bastion Host?

special purpose computer on a network specifically designed and configured to withstand attacks


device that connects two local-area networks (LANs), such as Ethernet


collection of wires through which data is transmitted from one part of a computer to another


technology that uses glass or plastic fibers to transmit data.

File Server?

computer and storage device dedicated to storing files

Local Area Network LAN?

computer network that spans a relatively small area

Network Administrator?

responsible for maintaining an organization's local area network


piece of a message transmitted over a packet-switching network


device that forwards data packets along networks


how well a hardware or software system can adapt to increased demands


LAN that uses a star topology in which all nodes are connected to a central computer


filters and forwards packets between LAN segments

Twisted Pair Cables?

consists of two independently insulated wires twisted around one another

Wide Area network (WAN)?

computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area

Wireless Access Points?

computer's software that acts as a communication hub for users of a wireless device to connect to a wired LAN

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