Drug Profile: Chlorothiazide (Diuril)

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Diuril (chlorothiazide) taken w/ sulfonylureas & insulin may cause:- sulfonylureas & insulin - to be less effectiveCholestryamine and colestipol decrease:absorption of chlorothiazideAlcohol increases:- hypertensive action of some thiazide diuretics - can increase side effectsCaffeine may:increase diuresisWhen chlorothiazide (Diuril) is given w/ other antihypertensives:- additive effects on blood pressure - will occurSome herbal supp may interact w/ thiazide diuretics:- licorice - oral aloeLicorice and alow may :worsen hypokalemiaWhen used w/ginko biloba:may increase BPWhen used w/hawthornmay result in :additive hypotensive effectsDo not use this drug if you cannot:urinateDo not take this drug if you are allergic to:sulfa drugsDo not take this drug if you have:- liver disease - kidney disease - asthma - allergies - gout - lupus - diabetesWhen taking chlorothiazide avoid:- becoming overheated - becoming dehydrated - hot weatherDrink as much liquid as instructed by your DR because:drinking too much is just as harmful as drinking to littleTell dr if other meds you are taking make you light headed, such as:- cold or allergy medicine - narcotic pain medicine - sleeping pills - muscle relaxers - seizures - depression - anxiety ---add to CHLOROTHIAZIDE SIDE EFFECTSDiuril (chlorothiazide) is used to tx:- fluid retention in CHF - cirrhosis - kidney disorders - edema caused by steroids/estrogen - hypertensionMild SE:- diarrhea - constipation - stomach cramps - dizziness/spinning - muscle spasms - blurred vision - loss of lobidoSevere SE:- N/V w/ weakness - anorexia - headache - hallucinations/confusion - seizures - muscle pain - uneven HR - extreme thirst - jaundice - easy bruising - numbness, tingling feelingPotassium rich foods:- seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax) - chocolate / cocoa powder - chili poweder/ paprika - dried apricots - avacado - salmon, tuna, halibut - dates - beans - pistachio/ other nuts - dried herbs (basil, oregano, saffron, dill, taragon, tumeric, corriander, parsley)