History of Asia Dates

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2300 BC - 1750 BC

Indus Valley Civilizations

1700 BC

Aryans and Harappans meet

1550 BC

Hinduism was created

2100 BC - 1600 BC

Xia Dynasty

1523 BC - 1027 BC

Shang Dynasty

1028 BC - 256 BC

Zhou Dynasty

221 BC - 206 BC

Qin Dynasty

206 BC - 220 AD

Han Dynasty

581- 618

Sui Dynasty

618 - 906

Tang Dynasty

960 - 1279

Song Dynasty

1280 - 1368

Yuan Dynasty

1368 - 1644

Ming Dynasty

1644 - 1911

Qing Dynasty


Portuguese come to Macau


Vasco de Gama sails around the Cape of Good Hope


Hideyoshi attacks Korea


Macartney arrives in Canton


Opium made illegal in China

1835 - 1908

Empress Dowager

1839 - 1842

First Opium War


Signing of the Treaty of Nanjing

1842 - 1844

First Treaty Settlement (France, US, Britain)

1850 - 1864

Taiping Rebellion

1853 - 1868

Nien Rebellion

1856 - 1860

Second Opium War (Anglo-French War) against China


Second Treaty Settlement & Treaty of Tianjin, same time as Taiping Rebellion


Burlingame Treaty

1872 - 1881

Chinese students sent by Li Hongzhang go to the US to study


Chinese Exclusion Act


Sino-Japanese War


Failure of 100 Days Reform (Guangxu takes government)


Boxer Uprising


China pays indemnity, goes into debt


Civil Service Exam ends


Chinese adopted a national constitution and parliamentary government

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