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23 pairs of chromosomes

DNA within each human body cell is organized into:

2 copies of the recessive allele for the trait are present

A recessive trait is expressed in an organism's phenotype when

Haploid Cells

Meiosis produces.. (figure picture)

Single copy of each chromosome

Compared with body cells, gametes are haploid because they contain a...


Your hair color, eye color, and height are all part of your individual..

Genetic crosses

Mendel learned about patterns of inheritance by carrying out controlled...


What the letters R and r represent

The same form of a trait

Two homozygous alleles of a gene code for...

Genetic diversity

Independent assortment and crossing over increase

Particular alleles will be inherited

In both medicine and agriculture, biologists studying genetics try to determine the probability that...

Will not have the disorder

Someone who is heterozygous for a recessive allele that causes a disorder


Phenotype is influenced by many factors, including the chromosome upon which a gene is located, ranges of dominance and...

ss offspring

A cross between two parents who are heterozygous for an autosomal genetic disorder caused by a recessive allele. People with which genotype will have the disorder?


The wide range of eye color indicates that eye color is...


One parent is homozygous for a recessive allele and one parent is heterozygous for a recessive allele in an autosomal dominant genetic disorder. What is the chance that a child of those two parents will have the disorder?

Homozygous for the recessive allele

An XX female will express a recessive sex-linked trait if she is...


Suppose a mouse is homozygous for alleles that produce black fur and homozygous for alleles of an epistatic gene that produces albinism. What color fur will the mouse have?

Traits are inherited as a group

The crossing of wild type fruit flies with mutant fruit flies resulted in the conclusion that some..

Not appear together

Two genes on a linkage map are 9 map units apart. This means that in 9 percent of the offspring, the phenotypes from those genes will...

Both her parents have the recessive allele

A female is born with attached earlobes, which is a recessive phenotype. Which of the following statements about her parents must be true?

Has the genetic disorder

Suppose a person is homozygous recessive for a recessive genetic disorder. This genotype means that the person...

Only females would be carriers of the disorder

If more males than females in a family have a recessive sex-linked disorder, what can you infer about patterns of inheritance in that family?

The map distance between C and A is less than the map distance between B and C

The gene linkage map shows the order of genes A, B, and C. What statement about the genes is true? (figure picture)

Has genes only for sex determination

Sex-linked disorders appear more often in males because the Y chromosome...


Down syndrome is characterized by having an extra copy of at least a portion of chromosome 21. What method would quickly identify the disorder?

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