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  1. the process of repairing damage caused by humans to the biodiversity and dynamics of natural ecosystems
  2. setting small, contained surface fires or clear out flammable small trees and underbrush in the highest-risk forest areas
  3. clear-cutting a strip of trees along the contour of the land
  4. managed grasslands or enclosed meadows usually planted with domesticated grasses or other forage
  5. intermediate-aged or mature trees in an uneven-aged forest singly cut or in small groups

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  1. tree farmlegally setting aside undeveloped lands


  2. biotic pollutionclear-cutting a strip of trees along the contour of the land


  3. second-growth forestan uncut or regenerated forest that has not been seriously disturbed by human activities or natural disasters for at least several hundred years


  4. wildernesslegally setting aside undeveloped lands