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  1. species that can wipe out populations of many native species and trigger ecological disruption
  2. unfenced grasslands in temperate and tropical climates that supply forage or vegetation for grazing and browsing animals
  3. usefulness to human beings in the form of numerous economic and ecological services
  4. setting small, contained surface fires or clear out flammable small trees and underbrush in the highest-risk forest areas
  5. intermediate-aged or mature trees in an uneven-aged forest singly cut or in small groups

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  1. tree farmmanaged tract with uniformly aged trees of one or two genetically uniform species that are harvest by clear0cutting as soon as they become commercially valuable


  2. intrinsic valueimportance because of the components existence, regardless of their use to us


  3. old-growth foresta stand of trees resulting from natural secondary ecological succession


  4. wildernessmanaged grasslands or enclosed meadows usually planted with domesticated grasses or other forage


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