60 terms


A Licensed broker who participates in a national insurance association may get, from the Commissioner, how many continuing education credits?
Producer, with the applicant's initials
Who is allowed to make changes to the application?
The average age of the group
All of the following are ways in which a Major Medical policy premium is determined EXCEPT
Errors and Omissions
What type of insurance protects producers when they are sued for professional negligence in their duties and are sued by insureds as a result?
Blackout Period
In terms of Social Security, what is the interval spanning between the day when the youngest child of a family turns 16 and before the surviving spouse?
For how many days of skilled nursing facility care will Medicare pay benefits?
Executive is the owner and the Executive pays the premium
Who is the owner of the policy and who pays the premium in an Executive Bonus Plan?
Industrial life
Ken has a life insurance policy with a face amount of $500. He pays a premium each week to the agent who sold him the policy. What kind of policy?
Exemptions periods.
Even though "sickness" is a peril covered by a health insurance policy, coverage may be limited or excluded because of all of the following EXCEPT
The maximum amount than can be contributed to an MSA is what percentage of the family deductible for those with family coverage?
It would not occur in a deferred annuity.
Which of the following is NOT true regarding the accumulation period of an annuity?
Executive bonus plan
Which of the following is an example of a non-qualified retirement plan?
Every small employer carrier shall, as a condition of transacting business in this state with small employers, actively offer to small employers at the basic
Economic inflation
Which of the following would most directly affect purchasing power of benefits paid on fixed annuity?
Both create an immediate payment upon the death of the insured.
Which of the following accurately compares business and personal life insurance?
Suggesting negotiations in settling the claim
All of the following are unfair claims settlement practices EXCEPT
An individual who was previously covered by group health insurance for 6 months is eligible
Under HIPPAA, which of the following is INCORRECT regarding eligibility requirements for conversion to an individual policy?
Must appear as a separate paragraph and be clearly labeled.
In a long-term care policy, pre-existing condition limitations
What is the term used for an applicant's written request to an insurer for the company to issue a contract, based on the information provided?
Presuming the applicant is eligible for Medicaid, based on the nature of the policy
Which of the following is NOT among the goals of a Medicare Supplement application?
90 days
US Armed Forces reservists called to active duty after August 21, 1990, who were covered under a disability policy provided by their employers duty if they apply within how many days of discharge?
MEWAs are groups of at least 3 employers.
All of the following statements describe a MEWA EXCEPT
Which of the following hospice expenses would NOT be covered in a cost-containment setting?
At the time of application
When must an insurance company present an outline of coverage to a person?
Fraternal insurer
An organization that, in addition to other activities, provides a formal insurance plan to its members is classified as a
This rider is available to all insured
All of the following are true regarding the guaranteed insurability rider EXCEPT
Which of the following programs expands individual public assistance programs for people with insufficient income and resources?
Taxes are deferred
Which of the following best describes taxation during the accumulation period of an annuity?
The Medicare Part A deductible
Which of the following is NOT covered under a "core" policy, Plan A in Medigap insurance?
Gradually increase each year by the amount that the cash value increases.
Universal Life Option B includes the annual increase in cash value, the death benefit under this option
Control specialist costs.
The gatekeeper of an HMO helps to
The act of voluntarily giving up insurance by the insured is called
Replacement rule
Which rule would apply if an agent knows an applicant is going to cash in an old policy and use funds to purchase new insurance?
The amount received is tax-free.
A corporation is the owner and beneficiary od the key person disability policy. If the corporation collects the policy benefit, then
Conformity with State Statutes provision
Most insurers issue health insurance policies for delivery in many state. Because each state regulates and mandate the requirement for policy each state, the insurer attaches
Insurer examinations must occur no less frequently than every
5 years
Primary beneficiary
When an insured dies, who has first claim to the death proceeds of the insured life insurance policy?
they are available for an additional premium
Which of the following is true regarding optional benefits with long-term care policies?
Until the balance of the initial premium is paid out in continued payments to the beneficiary after the annuitants dies.
How long will a life annuity with an installment refund pay?
Producer C uses her license to write uncontrolled business only
Which of the following would not be a violation of Louisiana insurance Regulations?
Prohibit payment for regularly covered services if provided by non-network providers.
A Medicare SELECT policy does all of the following EXCEPT
Small Employer
If a firm has between 30 employees that are actively engaged in the business during the preceding calendar year, and 3 employees on the first day
The insured will need a written consent of the insurer.
An insured wants to transfer his personal insurance policy to a friend. Under what conditions would this be possible?
The policy contains sufficient cash value to cover the cost of insurance.
The policyowner of a Universal Life policy may skip paying the premium and the policy will no lapse as long as
What is the term for how frequently a policyowner is required to pay the policy premium?
The president and employee of one's family corporation
All of the following would be eligible to establish a Keogh retirement plan EXCEPT
Grace period
What required provision protects against unintentional lapse of the policy?
Increasing term
Which of the following is NOT included in the types of whole life insurance that is offered?
Which of the following would not be used in preventive care?
90 days
Most policies will pay the accident death benefits as long as the death is caused by the accident and occurs within
Benefits are not taxed
Which of the following is true regarding the taxation of accelerated benefits?
The type of investment
In an Adjustable Life policy all of the following can be changed by the policy owner EXCEPT
12 months
When a group health insurance plan is terminated, how long is an extension of benefits provided for an totally disabled employees and dependent
Unlike the dividend itself, the interest earned on dividends is
Promising to pay in accordance with the contract terms
In respect to the consideration clause, which of the following is consideration on the part of the insurer?
Issue a policy that would insure a pending loss.
Underwriters review applications for insurance and the information contained therein so as to NOT
Loan value and retirement income
What are the "living benefits" of whole life insurance?
Creditor requiring that a debtor buys insurance from a certain insurer
Which of the following is NOT allowed in credit life insurance?
An insured must notify the insurer of a claim on forms prescribed by the insurer.
Which of the following is NOT true regarding uniform mandatory provisions concerning claims?
When there are any incidents of ownership at the time of death
When would life insurance policy proceeds be included in the insured's taxable estate?