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2nd Grade Explorers

is given credit as being the first European to discover a sea route to America. He discovered the "New World."
Christopher Columbus
He was looking for a western sea route to Asia when he discovered the "New World."
Christopher Columbus
is given credit as being the first European to land in Florida (near St. Augustine, Florida). This gave Spain claim to Florida
Ponce deLeon
He was exploring to discover riches and conquer land, and find the Fountain of Youth when he landed in Florida.
Ponce deLeon
explored the St. Lawrence River Valley (near Quebec, Canada) and gave France a North American claim.
Jacque Cartier
was sponsored by France.
Jacque Cartier
led the first ships that arrived at Jamestown. He made four more additional voyages bringing more people to Jamestown.
Christopher Newport
He was sponsored by England.
Christopher Newport
He was looking to colonize Virginia, discover riches, and find a western sea route to Asia when he brought colonists over to Jamestown.
Christopher Newport
were the two things the Spanish explorers were looking for while exploring the Americas.
Silver and Gold
was the first European to go to the Spice Islands. His trip started the Age of Exploration.
Marco Polo
To find your way using directions and maybe a map.
was the Portugese prince who paid for expeditions so sailors could find a way to the Spice Islands.
Prince Henry
was the friend of Christopher Columbus who tried to convince him that he found a "New World." The new continents were named after him.
Amerigo Vespucci
was the first person to travel around the world.
Ferdinand Magellen
funded Christopher Columbus' journey when he found the "New World."
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Which country funded Christopher Columbus' journey?