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the ability to work or cause change

The law of conversation of energy

energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Kinetic energy

energy in the form on motion

thermal energy

total energy of particles that make up a sample of matter


energy that flows from something with the higher temperature to a lower temperature


the process of changing state from gas to a liquid


the process of changing stat from a liquid to a gas


an increase in volume caused by a decrease in external pressure


the amount of matter in a substance or a object


the process of changing solid to a liquid


the process of changing state from a liquid to a solid by removal of heat.


the process of changing state from a solid to a gas without going to a liquid stage.


the amount of space taken up by a substance or object.


particles are close to gather and only viberating


particles are farther apart and they can move past each other


particles are very far apart and are moving very fast

Thermal Expansion

the matter expands when the temperature increases

Thermal Contraction

the matter decrease in volume

Absolute zero C


Absolute zero F


Absolute zero K



transfer of kinetic energy with direct contact


transfer of energy by movement of matter


a form of heat transfer that does not require matter.

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