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Site of gas exchange between the atmosphere and the blood


Covers the opening to the trachea when food is being swallowed


Allows passage of both food and air (throat)


Upper end of the trachea where sounds are produced (voice box)


The tube air passes through from the pharynx (windpipe)


Cluster of tiny air sacs where oxygen diffuses into the blood and carbon dioxide diffuses out of the blood


Diffuses into the blood

Carbon dioxide

Diffuses out of the blood


Taking air into the lungs; ribs move outward and diaphragm puses down


Expelling air form the lungs; rib muscles relax and diaphragm elevates

Breathing Rate

Controlled by the brain monitoring the levles of CO2 in the blood


Muscle, Large, flat muscle at the bottom of the chest cavity that helps with breathing


Lining around the lungs

Bronchial Tubes

Branches off the trachea

Function of the Respiratory System

Transport gases to and from the cardiovascular system

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