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  1. Socioeconomic Status (SES)
  2. miscegenation
  3. power-elite model
  4. sexism
  5. war
  1. a a composite ranking based on various dimensions of social inequality
  2. b biological reproduction by partners of different racial categories
  3. c organized, armed conflict among the people of two or more nations, directed by their governments
  4. d the belief that one sex is innately superior to the other
  5. e an analysis of politics that sees power as concentrated among the rich

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  1. a shift in he social position of large numbers of people due more to changes in society than to individual efforts
  2. biological distinction between females and males
  3. the degree of consistency in a person's social standing across various dimensions of social inequality
  4. the social institution that distributes power, sets a society's goals, and makes decisions
  5. an analysis of politics that sees power as spread among many competing interest groups

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  1. absolute povertythe deprivation of some people in relation to those who have more


  2. postindustrial economya productive system based on service work and high technology


  3. ideologythe social institution that organizes a society's production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services


  4. feminisman economic system in which natural resources and the means of producing goods and services are collectively owned


  5. intersexual peoplethe interplay of race, class, and gender, often resulting in multiple dimensions of disadvantage