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  1. secondary sex characteristics
  2. race
  3. Dependency Theory
  4. class system
  5. welfare capitalism
  1. a an economic and political system that combines a mostly market-based economy with extensive social welfare programs
  2. b a model of economic and social development that explains global inequality in terms of the historical exploitations of poor nations by right ones
  3. c a socially constructed category of people who share biologucally transmitted traits that members of a society consider important
  4. d bodily development, not genitals, females wide hips, breasts, lower voice
  5. e social stratification based on both birth and individual achievement

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  1. upward or downward social mobility of children in relation to their parents
  2. genitals, organs used for reproduction
  3. bias built into the operation of society's institutions
  4. a political system in which a single family rules from generation to generation
  5. a prestigious white-collar occupation that requires extensive formal education

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  1. social institutiona major sphere of social life, or societal subsystem, organized to meet human needs


  2. Sexorganized, armed conflict among the people of two or more nations, directed by their governments


  3. pluralisma state in which people of all races and ethnicities are distinct but have equal social standing


  4. low-income countriesnations with a low standards of living in which most people are poor


  5. authoritypower that people perceive as legitimate rather than coercive