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s.s Ancient Greece

What is Greece's georaphy?
Greece is a peninsula located in the southerneast part of Europe.
What is Greece's terrain?
There terrain is mountains,rockey,sandy,rugged,islands.
Lived in city-states not united
Greece's map
Where is the Med. sea?
To the south.
Where is the Aegean sea?
To the east.
Where is the Ionian sea?
To the west.
Was Greece a good natural location or bad natural location?
It was a good natural location because
- defense
- attack
- position
What did their waterway provide?
Their waterways provided travel, transportation, and travel.
Greeks believed the gods lived at the top
Was Greece polytheistic or NOT?
Yes they were polytheistic.
How many islands were in Greece?
Over 400 islands are in Greece ( forced them into city-states)
- Crete and Rhodes are the largest islands
* helped sailors navigate (landmarks)
The land of Greece had many __________.
Moutains (Poor natural resourses). The land between the mountains is very fertile (good for crops)
What is the tallest mountain in Greece?
Mt Olympus is the tallest mountain in Greece.
Where is the pelopennesus located?
It is located in southern section of Greece
- the corinth canal-built in 1899CE connects the Angen to Ionian sea
Greek civilization developed from the combination of two earlier civilizations. What are these two earlier civilizations called?
Who are the Minoans?
- settled on Crete (an island in the Med. sea)
- they grew grapes, olives, wheat, and barley
- Crete was mostly forests
- great carpenters -> great ship builders
learned a living from trade instead of farming (must avoid farmers)
- built ships to go faster (2 or 3 masts to go faster) (put deck over the heads of rowers for protection) (Prow- wood pole on front of ship)
* they drove off pirates or became the worlds first seafering civilization
- at the heart of the city stood a palace instead of a temple * no protective walls
- loved sports- boxing or bull leaping
- Conquered by Mycenaeans?
What were the Minoans good at doing?
- great carpenters
- built great ships
- built ships to go faster...2 or 3 masts to go faster....put deck over the heads of rowers for protection
Who are the Mycenaeans?
- came from the grasslands of southern Russia
- 2000 BCE they migrated to Greece
- Mycenaeans built a fortress (palace on a hilltop surrounded by walls (protection))
* people took cover in the fortress
* Megaron- square room with fireplace (king entertained and held meetings)
- land was divided into estates
- tenants- people who lived on and worked on another persons land (estate)
- Mycenaeans were warriors at heart or conquered other lands
both traders or pirates
* examples of cultural Diffusion Minoans or Mycenaeans
- Mycenaeans imitate the Minoan gold or metal work
- copied Minoan fashion/culture
- Mycenaeans learned to build ships or navigate
- became rich=grew olives and sold oil
- set up trading stations on islands
- Mycenaeans attack Troy (major trading city in Asia minor)
- Trojans controlled the trade routes to the Black Sea or taxed Greek ships
Who was Homer?
Greek Poet
- wrote a long poem about the event (Trojan War) called the Illiad
- wrote the Odysseys which tells the writing of Odysseves (Odysseves is Mycenaeans life)

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