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a set of closely grouped islands, sometimes forming an arc


group of pacific islands

high islands

created by a volcano

low islands

created by a coral reef

great barrier reef

the worlds largest coral reef; 1,250 miles long; 2,500 reefs; 400 types of coral

voyaging canoes

developed by pacific islanders with double hulls; carries lots of weight; has sails that take advantage of the winds

outrigger canoe

has a frame with an atached float; used in lagoons of islands; float helps balance canoe


ringlike coral island or string of small islands surrounding a lagoon

bikini atoll

testing site U.S. atomic weapons; still radioactive


means tiny islands


means black islands


means many islands

subsistence activities

Activity in which a family produces only the food, clothing, and shelter for themselves.


dried coconut meat

penal colony

place to send prisoners

aboriginal people

natives of australia;migrated to Australia 40,000 years ago from asia; 500 groups; 200 languages


Natives of New Zealand; migrated from Polynesia 1,000 years ago; live by fishing, hunting, and farming

treaty of waitangi

in 1840; British tricked Maori into giving control of their land


maori term for white people


occurs when a minority group gives up its culture and takes the majorities culture

stolen generation

100,000 mixed race children taken from Aboriginal homes and given to white people as servants

Land Rights Act of 1976

gave Aboriges the right to claim land in the northern territory

Mabo case

proved that Aborigines owned the land before the British

pastoral leases

renting land from the government

Wik case

Aborigines could claim land under pastoral leases

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