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  1. wavelengths and frequencies
  2. used for radio and television broadcasting
  3. instruments that use mirrors and lenses to change the direction of light
  4. any surface that can reflect light to form an image, a picture, or an object
  5. radar and cellular phones use these waves
  6. a piece of glass or other transparent object that refracts light and produces an image

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  1. infrared wavesare given off by people, and police may use them to track criminals


  2. Why is it important for Christians to study light?We can use our study of light to glorify God by helping others, and praising God for His amazing creations.


  3. convex mirrorcurves inward and makes things close to it look larger


  4. smoothlight bounces off this kind of surface in the opposite direction from which it came


  5. gamma raysused to treat some kinds of cancer


  6. The waves in the electromagnetic spectrum are arranged in what order?in order of wavelength