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  1. Reputable online marketers use _________ - based email.
  2. The four major marketing domains are?
  3. An advantage of direct marketing is that it offers access beyond local
  4. Direct Marketing is a powerful tool to help build customer ________.
  5. The main purpose of a corporate web site is to build customer _________.

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  1. Personal selling, direct mail, catalog, telephone, direct-response TV, kiosk, online and digitalDirect Marketing usually seeks a


  2. Viral MarketingWhich of the following is not a deception or fraud concern for Internet users and Marketers? Phishing, viral marketing, eavesdropping, access by unauthorized groups, or spyware?


  3. DatabaseA ________ database is generally more reliable than an external list bought somewhere.


  4. Context, Content, Customization, Communication, Connectivity, Commerce and CommunityThe "7 C's" of effective website's include