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Study for house gill science


are the simplest invertebrates. They live in water. They filter food from the water that surrounds them.


Also live in water. Animals in this group have a central opening surrounded by tentacles. They take in food and eliminate waste through this opening. Jellyfish, sea enamones hydras, corals are cnidarians.


Are animales with soft, tube-shaped bodies and a distinct head. Some worms live inside other animals. Others live in the water or on land.


have a muscular foot that allows them to move and hunt for food. Some mollusks live on land. Others live in water. Clams, snails, and octopuses or mollusks.


Are water animals that have a central opening for taking in food. Sea stars amd samd dollars are echinoderms.


Are invertebebrats that are found on land, in the water, and in the air. They have legs. Some have wings. Insects, spiders, crabs, and millipeds are arthropods.

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