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This toolbar contains buttons that are shortcus for popular commands.

Outline + Slides + Tabs

This pane contains two tabs and displays at the left side of the window in normal view

Verticle scroll bar

Display specific slides using this scroll bar


Display the slide design task pane by clicking the slide design button on this toolbar

slide layout

Choose a layout for slide with options at this task pane

ask a question

Use this text box located at th right side of the menu bar to access the microsoft office powerpoint help feature

Slide sorter view

Click this button on the wiew toolbar and all slides in the presentation display in slide miniature

slide show

Run presentation by clicking this button on the view toolbar

slide show

When running a presentation move the mouse and this toolbar displays


press this key on the keyboard to end a presentation without running all of the slides

slide transition

add a tansition and or sound to slides with options at this task pane

print preview

click this button on the standard toolbar to display the active slide as it will appear when printed

Address bar

Type a URL in this bar at the internet exlorer window


Click this button on the internet explorer to display the previous web page

Hour glass

This symbol is attached to the mouse pointer when a request is being processed and means please wait


click this button on a window title bar to expand the window so it fills the entire screen


click this button on a window title bar to expand the window so it fills the entire screen


This mouse term refers to positioning the mouse pointer on the desired item

double click

this mouse term refers to tapping the left mouse button twice in quick succession

save as

click this option at the file drop down menu to save a previously named document with a new name


use this feature to find synonyms, antonyms and related words for a particular word

create new folder

click this button on the open dialog box toolbar to display te new folder dialog box

spelling and grammar

click this button to check the spelling in a document


set tabs at the tabs dialog box or using this

line spacing

change line spacing with this button on the formatting toolbar


click this button on the formatting toolbar to italicize selected text


click this button on the standard toolbar to insert seleceted text in the document at te position of the insertion point

Replace all

click this button at the find and replace dialog box to replace all occurrences of text

text wrapping

click this button on th picture toolbar to choose a wrapping style

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