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3 common reproductive diseases in swine

1. swine influenza
2. hog cholera
3. PRRS (porcine respiratory reproductive syndrome)

broad categories of reproductive tract diseases is cattle (2)

1. vaginitis → inflammation/infection of the vagina
2. metritis → inflammation/infection of the uterus

bacterial cattle diseases (3)

1. brucellosis
2. leptospirosis
3. vibriosis

viral cattle diseases (3)

1. BVD (bovine virus diarrhea)
2. IBR (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis)
3. Trichomoniasis

characteristics of sexually transmitted diseases in equids (3)

1. mare has higher risk of contracting an STD from a stallion than vice versa
2. stallion is usually only a carrier & exhibits no clinical signs of disease
3. STD's transmitted through cooled fresh or frozen semen

problems associated with STDs in mares (4)

1. lost breeding season for the mare
2. lost pregnancy
3. sick or dead neonate
4. worst case: STD spreads to all the mares on the farm → farm is shut down for the breeding season

common equine STDs (4)

1. contagious equine metritis (CEM)
2. equine viral arteritis
3. equine coital exanthema
4. equine herpes virus 1, 4

contagious equine metritis (3)

1. highly contagious bacterial infection carried by the stallion
2. causes acute endometritis → interrupts fertility
3. self-limiting infection

Equine viral arteritis:
1. symptoms
2. spread?
3. effect on reproduction

1. fever, respiratory problems, eye inflammation, edema in the legs & underbelly of mares, edema in the testes of stallions
2. direct contact through semen
3. can go to term

equine coital exanthema:
1. also known as...
2. symptoms of mares
3. symptoms of stallions

1. equine herpes 3
2. small fluid-filled blisters which can open & become inflamed
3. lesions confined to glans penis

most common of the equine herpes

equine herpes 3 → equine coital exanthema

Equine herpes 1 (3)

1. development of respiratory disease
2. abortion (single or abortion storms) → weeks or months from infection to abortion
3. fatal neonatal illness

equine herpes 4 (2)

1. may cause sporadic abortion (no "storms")
2. signs are similar to equine herpes 1

diseases common to dogs (3)

1. leptospirosis (common in dogs; rare in cats)
2. brucellosis (more common in dogs than cats)
3. herpes (common in dogs & cats)

diseases common to cats (4)

1. chlamydia (common in young cats; less in dogs)
2. feline immunodeficiency virus (only cats)
3. feline infectious peritonitis
4. feline leukemia

types of female reproductive cancers (4)

1. ovary
2. uterus
3. cervix
4. mammary

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