The rise and spread of Islam

22 terms by mulroyb

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belief that there is only one God


sacred book believed by Muslims to be the written record of God's word


successor to Muhammad as a political leader of the Muslim community


name usually given to believers in Islam


journey to a sacred place or a shrine


prophet of Islam


Muslim house of worship


book of guiding rules of Islam that are based on Muhammad's life

Battle of Tours

stopped Muslims from conquering more of Europe


where an early Abbasid Caliph moved the capital of the eastern empire


forces that gained control of most of Spain while the Abbadis ruled in the east


small area in a desert that is watered by springs or wells


members of a group that moves from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing lands for their herds


ruler that is appointed directly by the Caliphs to rule over the provinces


groups who tried to take control of distant parts of the Abbasids' empire


to disagree with the accepted policies of government

Five pillars of Faith

*Profession of Faith
*Alms giving

Profession of Faith

all Muslims must state that Allan is god


Muslims must pray five times a day

Alms giving

Muslims must contribute to public charities


no eating from sun up to sun down during the month of Ramadan


All Muslims who can afford it should make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in their life

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