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  1. avarice
  2. bigot
  3. docile
  4. furtive
  5. enigma
  1. a easy to teach or manage
  2. b stealthy; secretive
  3. c one who is intolerent of differences in people
  4. d greed; desire for wealth
  5. e a mystery; something seemingly inexplicable

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  1. prejudiced; hostile
  2. wild and drunken
  3. to forgive or overlook an offense
  4. to erase or eliminate
  5. teasing; playful conversation

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  1. stridenteasy to teach or manage


  2. meticulousexcessivley eager to deliver unasked-for or unwanted help


  3. ostensibleto turn over or deliver to the legal jurisdiction of another government or authority


  4. ignominyto forgive or overlook an offense


  5. appeaseto calm; to make satisfied (often only temporarily)