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  1. banter
  2. avarice
  3. cliche
  4. nuance
  5. extradite
  1. a a worn-out idea or overused expression
  2. b teasing; playful conversation
  3. c to turn over or deliver to the legal jurisdiction of another government or authority
  4. d a slight or subtle degree of difference
  5. e greed; desire for wealth

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  1. prejudiced; hostile
  2. harsh sounding; grating
  3. an organized group of people with an obsessive devotion to a person or set of principles
  4. to erase or eliminate
  5. extreme, chauvinistic patriotism, often favoring an aggresive, warlike foreign policy

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  1. enigmaa mystery; something seemingly inexplicable


  2. condonenumerous; large in quantity


  3. ignominypublic shame, disgrace, or dishonor


  4. officiousextremely careful about small details; precise


  5. libationteasing; playful conversation