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  1. jaundiced
  2. enigma
  3. expunge
  4. heresy
  5. bigot
  1. a one who is intolerent of differences in people
  2. b a mystery; something seemingly inexplicable
  3. c prejudiced; hostile
  4. d to erase or eliminate
  5. e the crime of holding a belief that goes against established doctrine

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  1. special words or phrases used by a specific group of people
  2. having a buoyant, self-confident air; brisk and crisp
  3. a drink, especially an alchoholic one
  4. extreme, chauvinistic patriotism, often favoring an aggresive, warlike foreign policy
  5. unrelenting; unavoidable

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  1. insipidlacking flavor; dull; not at all stimulating


  2. negligencea slight or subtle degree of difference


  3. officiousextremely careful about small details; precise


  4. furtivestealthy; secretive


  5. chaoscomplete disorder