Evolution Notes

A change in an organisms DNA (a special trait) of an organism *Can be harmful or helpful.
Any variation that makes an organism better suited to it's environment.
A permanent change in your DNA (genetic material) of an organism *Can be harmful or helpful.
Natural Selection
A process that weeds out the weak and allows for the strong to reproduce and pass down their traits.
The gradual change in inherited characteristics over time:graduated (millions of years) punctuated equilibrium (shorter time period).
A group of the same organism in a specific place/area.
When no more of a species exists.
Charles Darwin
A famous naturalist that used the term natural selection to describe his theories on evolution.
Homologous structure
Having the same structure but different function
Analogous structure
Having different structures but the same function
Believe individuals pass on traits that were developed during their lifetime
Survival of the fittest
Individuals with traits best suited to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce
Vestigial Structure
Structures that are currently useless but previous served a purpose