20 terms

Psychology final exam

By age 65, a person is most likely to lose how much height?
About an inch
Which of the following is true of the sexual-reproductive system for both sexes during adulthood?
Reproduction becomes less likely.
The many changes of menopause are caused by reduced what?
The term "male menopause" is sometimes used to describe what?
a dip in testosterone in response to anxiety or sexual inactivity.
Diseases and chronic conditions associated with aging may be strongly affected by what?
Researchers on obesity agree that in middle age metabolism slows down by how much?
about a third.
The ability to enjoy life is measured by what?
mobility and vitality.
A major safeguard of health vitality, and reduced rates of chronic illness and disability is what?,
high-socioeconomic status.
Desmond and Lucy both in their mid-50s, wish to maintain their excellent brain functioning into their 70s, 80s, and even beyond. The best way to accomplish their goal is to do what?,
maintain good general health.
When do most adults reach their peak of intellectual ability?
between the ages of 40 and 60
The type of basic intelligence that makes learning quick and thorough is referred to as what?
The decline in fluid intelligence during middle adulthood:
is temporarily counteracted by increases in crystallized intelligence.
For a typical middle-aged adult
intelligence increases:, in the specific areas that reflect his or her interest.
Most developmental theorists today believe that:
stages of adult development are not entirely orderly and predictable.
Mel is a retired stockbroker who enjoys mentoring children at the local YMCA in the use of computers. He is demonstrating the psychosocial stage of:
generativity versus stagnation.
Some people refer to a period of unusual anxiety reexamination, and transformation during middle adulthood as a(n):,
midlife crisis.
The Big Five personality traits:
become quite stable by age 30.
The loosening of gender restrictions during middle age is most likely to lead to a gender:
A factor that contributes to good relationships between today's middle-aged adults and their parents is:
the health and economic freedom that allow older adults to be independent.
After nearly 20 years with his company Mike's job was outsourced. He wants his new job to offer not only a good wage but also job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. He is focused on the:
, intrinsic rewards of work.