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Art History Questions

What is the significance of drawing in relation to art history?
Art history has proven that drawing is the most fundamental activity of the artist.
What was or is naturalism?
The creation of convincing realism through methodical observation.
In what country did the renaissance mainly occur?
What was the legacy of the Renaissance period?
What style was the most powerful influence on drawing? Why?
It was the High Renaissance because it was the first to use Naturalism.
Define the word "Renaissance."
Explain the concept of "Renaissance Man." Which one of the artists discussed best fits this type of universal man? Why?
Renaissance Man means academian, not someone who specializes in one thing. Leonardo DaVinci best fits this description because he studied fields other than art.
What is a tondo?
A round artwork.
What is a triptych?
A painting with three panels.
Explain "Eclecticism." Which artist best fits an eclectic?
Eclecticism is to draw from other sources and fuse their ideas into a rendering style of ones own. Raphael Sanzio best fits the description of an eclectic.
Who was the first relevant artist to paint on canvas rather than wood panels?
What is a fresco painting?
A painting on a wall or ceiling into moist plaster.
Who was the father of printmaking?
Albrecht Durer.
Explain Albrecht Durer's two types of printmaking techniques.
Woodcuts, and Copper engraving.
What is foreshortening?
Making an appendage, like an arm, come directly out toward the viewer.
What was the main subject of Hieronymous Bosch's paintings?
Good and Evil, though with some traces of humor.
Who greatly influenced Pieter Bruegel's artistic style?
What were the main topics of Brugel's artwork?
The moral defects of man.
How did the Mannerist style of art come about?
The mannerist style was reactions to the beliefs and styles of the high renaissance.
How did the Mannerist artists display the human figure?
They twisted and stretched it to unnatural heights.
What did the word Baroque originally mean?
Gross, a insult
What countries became the most powerful during the Baroque Period?
England, Holland, France, Spain.
What was the artist's main contribution to science?
Observation skills.
Were artists of the Baroque Period universal men like DaVinci? Why or why not?
No, science became to complex.
How did Caravaggio use light?
Caravagio spotlit his subjects, and made his backround very dark.
What were Bernini's three influences (He studied this things when he and his family moved to Rome)?
Greek Sculpture, Raphael, and Michaelangelo.
Which artist created several major foundations in Rome?
What did Bernini's artwok often convey in terms of emotions?
Extreme excitement, and violent realism.
What High Renaissance artist influence Peter Paul Rubens the most?
Who was noted to be the greatest self-portrait painter?
What was invented light? Which Baroque artist was known to use this?
Invented light means that he used figures and faces often showing light from within that glows outward, rembrant showed this.
What is a genre artwork? Give an example of an artist that painted genre subjects.
Genre artwork is making everyday common objects, through the painting process, seem special and unique. Jan Vermeer is an artist who did this.
What is chiaroscuro?
To put light on one side of a subject, then quickly describing shadows on the opposite side.
What country in Europe became the most powerful and richest during the Rococo Period?
The Rococo Period's beginning was termed what?
The age of Versialle.
What city replaced Rome as the capital of art in Europe during the Rococo Period?
What was the official task of the arts in France at the time?
To glorify the king.
How did the aristocracy spend their time during the Rococo Period?
Persuing pleasure, going on holidays, and playing.
What was Rococo art in terms of sytyle and subject matter?
Aristocratic with love of elegance, style, and subject matter.
What is aerail perspective?
Also known as atmostpheric perspective, it is making a background look far away by using less detail, paste colors, and lighter values or tones.
Who was England's greatest portrait painter?
Thomas Gainsborough
What signaled the end of the Renaissance-Baroque era?
When religion and kingship ceased to command that allegiance of western peoples.
What occured in America and France to bring about the age of Romanticism?
An emotional reaction to the established order (religion and polotics)
As Romanticism grew, what did the artists worship of express in their art?
Wild, strange, marvelous, melancholy, space, time, classic greece, middle age, american forest.
What did they revive or resurrect in their art?
Early styles revived.
Who painted propaganda artworks at the beginning of the Romantic Period?
Jacques Louis David
Who was the first neo-classicist artisit that we studied?
As freedom swept over France during the 19th century, on what did David base his artwork?
Greek and Roman art.
Considering Gericault broke away from classism, on what was his artwork based?
Emotionalism and Melodrama
In what did Gericault feel nature's truth could be found?
In battle frenzy, suffering, insanity, and the instant of death.
The "Raft of Medusa" painting signaled the birth of what new style of art?
Who was the first artist to piant outdoors on location?
John Constable
Which artist never traveled out of his native land to piant?
John Constable
Who used watercolor techniques in his oil painting?
What was Turner's main subject? Be specific.
Atmospheric effects of nature.
What artist was a forerunner of impressionism?
Who painted allegorical landscape?
Cole; allegorical landscape is meant to teach and speak to the viewer.
Who was the teacher of Frederic Church?
Which artist sought to depict the idealist landscape?
Edwin Church
Which artist explored and painted the American West?