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that extends from age 18 to 40

Early adulthood is generally thought to be the period:

income, education, and occupational status

____________________ show strong and continuous relationships with almost every disease and health indicator.

overweight, but not obese

Calvin has a 20% greater body weight that he should have, based on his age, sex, and physical build. Calvin is considered to be:

this is normal, because of a drop in the basal metabolic rate

Nadine gained 10 pounds between the ages of 25 and 50. She should know that:

gradual and difficult to notice

The physical changes that take place in early adulthood are typically:

low-income ethnic minorities

Obesity is much more common among:

most know its value, but only 15 to 20 % engage in some regular physical activity

Studies of the exercise habits of Americans find that:

cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption

The 2 most common substance disorders are:

through work

What is the method through which the majority of couples in lasting relationships meet each other?

one that attends a four year institution and lives on campus

College attendance will have the most psychological impact on which student?


what disease will decline if living healthy lifestyle?


become more still and make it harder to breathe as you get older


athletic skills begin to peak from ages:

immune system

declines after the age of 20 and stress makes it even more weak


leading causes of death are unintentional injuries


leading causes of death is cancer

causes of overweight

- cheap fat and sugar
-supersize portions
-busy lives

consequences of overweight

-health problems
-social discrimination
- mistreatment


only ______ of people get enough exercise and ______ are inactive


substance use in early adulthood peaks at ages:_____ and then declines


______% are substance abusers


______% have intercourse by the age of 22


______% if men that are homosexual or bisexual


______% of women are homosexual or bisexual


______% of people have not come out

30 to 50%

percentage of people that drop out of highschool

Intimacy vs isolation

Eriksons theory dealt with:


making a permanent commitment to your partner


loneliness, self-absorption, fear of losing identity

social clock

following a _____________ lends confidence and contributes to social stability.

keep love alive

the factors that ___________ are making time, telling your partner that you love them, show interest in them, and be available

common interests

usually friendships in early adulthood share:

same sex friendships

there are fewer of these and sexual attraction is always considered

return briefly and improves family relationships

leaving home leads to:

marrying late and having fewer marriages

Marriage trends today consists of:

Traditional marriage

a marriage that is clear division of roles

egalitarian marriage

a marriage where the partners relate as equal

marital satisfaction

when family backgrounds, length of courtship, timing of 1st pregnancy, relation to extended family are all factors that lead to :

fewer married couples have children and not as many children are born

In our world today, trends in having children are:

stressful periods

singlehood for most people leads to:


- sexually intimate
-living together
-preparation for marriage
-replacement for marriage


______% of people are divorced in the US


______% of people are divorced in Canada

background factors and gender roles

Factors in divorce are normally ________ and__________


After a divorce, a new partner helps with ____________

4 yrs

Most people are remarried after divorce in the next _______ yrs

3-5 yrs

It takes _________ yrs to blend with your new partner after divorce

womens career development

- concentration low paying jobs
-low-advancement jobs
- gender stereotyping

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