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  1. Stellar(adj)
  2. Paleo-
  3. Paleozoic(adj)
  4. Homo-
  5. Ferry(v)
  1. a to transport passengers or goods back and forth by any vehicle
  2. b same
  3. c relating to, consisting of, or like a star or stars
  4. d old
  5. e the era of geologic time, about 570 million to 248 million years ago, during which fish, insects, amphibian, reptiles, and land plants first appeared

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  1. sun
  2. new
  3. using the sun's radiation as a source of energy
  4. break
  5. having the same kind of constituent elements, or being similar in nature

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  1. Flexibility(n)able to bend or be bent repeatedly without damage or injury


  2. Vocal(adj)having a voice or using a voice to produce speech or sound


  3. Bene-


  4. Pendant(n)an ornament or a piece of jewelry that hangs from a necklace, bracelet, or earring


  5. Pend-