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  1. Paleo-
  2. Objection(n)
  3. Homogeneous(adj)
  4. Bene-
  5. Ject-
  1. a good
  2. b old
  3. c having the same kind of constituent elements, or being similar in nature
  4. d throw
  5. e a feeling or expression of opposition

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  1. carry
  2. with/together
  3. star
  4. somebody who aids a cause, institution, or person, especially with a gift of money
  5. able to bend or be bent repeatedly without damage or injury

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  1. Ferry(v)to transport passengers or goods back and forth by any vehicle


  2. Solar(adj)relating to, consisting of, or like a star or stars


  3. Eruption(n)a sudden outburst or occurrence of something


  4. Neoclassic(adj)relating to or characteristic of the European revival of Greek and Roman literary forms


  5. Paleozoic(adj)the era of geologic time, about 570 million to 248 million years ago, during which fish, insects, amphibian, reptiles, and land plants first appeared