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Be able to identify the three basic periods in the history of Hollywood's production system

Studio system, independent, and studio system/independent (a combination of both----most common today)

Be able to list the five major studios until the 1950's (table 11.1) and the seven major studios today (table 11.5)

5 MAJOR BEFORE 1950'S: Paramount, MGM, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, RKO
7 MAJOR TODAY: Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, Dreamworks

Be able to identify the average cost to produce and market a film today

- $100 million

Be able to identify the factors that will change a filmmaker's initial vision

Money (your budget), collaboration, and technology

Be able to describe the impact of independent producers on the nature of movie production on worldwide film markets

Independent producers are not currently dominating--- they're not having a huge effect

Be able to describe the relationship between the art of movies and its business, methods, filmmaking technologies, and production systems

All of them are inseparable from one another

Be able to describe moviemaking as a moneymaking enterprise vs. as an artistic, technical, and/or collaborative enterprise—which aspect defines moviemaking overall?


Be able to describe the constant "tug of war" that movies undergo between artistic vision and profitability

- The constant "tug of war" movies have IS between artistic vision and profitability.

Be able to identify which person plays a paramount role in the film production process

The Director

Be able to identify the person who guides the entire production process from the initial planning of a film to its release

The Producer

Be able to describe the effect that shooting out of chronological order has on filming costs, and the production process

- Can save $, but it can complicate the process-----actors struggle to create continuity.

Be able to identify the three filmmaking technologies

Film stock, video, and digital.

Be able to describe the difference between film vs. digital technology

- Film is a physical medium, while digital is virtual---there is no physical product. Digital is easier and cheaper to use than film, uses less light, requires no processing and is easier to duplicate. HOWEVER, film has a particular aesthetic---film grain, depth of color and shadow!

Be able to identify the three phases of the filmmaking process

Pre-production, production, and post-production

Be able to identify the three stages of bringing a film to the screen

Shoot the film, process it, and project it/market it

Be able to identify what percentage of Hollywood films are digitally edited


Be able to identify the primary reason that movie theatres have not converted to digital technology

- Because of the cost of conversion

Be able to identify the number of setups that most directors try to shoot per day

Between 15-20 a day

Be able to identify the three phases of postproduction

Edit, final print, and market!

Be able to identify the three developments that have changed the art of movies

Technology, changes in production process, and cinematic techniques/conventions.

Be able to identify what percentage of the movie industry's gross income the major studios account for


Be able to identify how many females were the top business or creative executives at the seven major studios in 2006


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