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this won't be too hard, but it's gonna be alot to process with the other exams.

Edgar Alan Poe

author (Tell-Tale Heart)

pocket watch enveloped in cotton

heart beat of the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)

death watches

wood-boring beetles whose heads make a tapping sound superstitiously regarded as an omen of death (Tell Tale Heart)


narrator's relationship to the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)

blood ran cold looking at vulture eye

feeling that happened to the narrator every time he looked at the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)


narrator looked at old man (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)

vulture eye

old man's eye resembled this.. (Tell-Tale Heart)

narrator's description of self

sane man, but very nervous (Tell-Tale Heart)

terror and horror

what author is trying to create the sense of (Tell-Tale Heart)

caretaker of old man

narrator (Tell-Tale Heart)

did not want to look at eye

reason the narrator wanted to kill the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)

seven nights

length of days caretaker looked at the old man sleeping (Tell-Tale Heart)


narrator keeps trying to prove this.. (Tell-Tale Heart)

way narrator killed the old man

suffocated him with the bed, then dismembered his corpse (Tell-Tale Heart)


location body was dismembered (Tell-Tale Heart)

four o'clock AM

time police arrived (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)

neighbors heard shrieking and called police

reason police knew something was going on (Tell-Tale Heart)

underneath the floorboards

location body was found and hid (Tell-Tale Heart)


reason the narrator got caught with the murder (Tell-Tale Heart)

Issac Bashevis Singer

author (The Day I Got Lost)

no name given

name of the Professor's friend (The Day I Got Lost)

Professor Schlemiel

name of the Professor (The Day I Got Lost)

Bow Wow

name of dog that Professor Schlemiel's owned (The Day I Got Lost)


subject that Professor Schlemiel taught (The Day I Got Lost)


Schlemiel's profession (The Day I Got Lost)

New York

city/state where Professor Schlemiel lived (The Day I Got Lost)

forgetting things, absent-minded

Professor Schlemiel's biggest fault (The Day I Got Lost)

forgot his address

reason he got lost (The Day I Got Lost)

his birthday party

event taking place at the Professor's house (The Day I Got Lost)

friend found him on the way to his party and picked him up

way he got home (The Day I Got Lost)

number was not in phonebook, friends were all at his party

reason he did not call his wife (The Day I Got Lost)

forty years

number of years the Professor has lived in the same state (The Day I Got Lost)

dog was stray and forgot his address

why the Professor brought the dog home (The Day I Got Lost)

description of Professor Schlemiel

wore glasses with one spectacle missing, wrinkled and too big clothes, carried papers in/and a briefcase, crumpled hat

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

author (The Medicine Bag)


the narrator, brother of Cheryl, receiver of the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)


Martin's sister (The Medicine Bag)

Rosebud Reservation

Grandpa's reservation (The Medicine Bag)


Grandpa's Indian tribe (The Medicine Bag)

South Dakota

state where Rosebud Reservation/Grandpa's reservation is located (The Medicine Bag)

needed to pass on medicine bag and wanted to see family before his death

reason Grandpa left the reservation (The Medicine Bag)

two months

length of time Grandpa stayed with family (The Medicine Bag)

Wakantanka: The Great Spirit

creator of the world in Sioux language (The Medicine Bag)

killed in war

result of "not carrying the medicine bag to war" to Mom's father (The Medicine Bag)

a broken shell of an iron kettle, a pebble from a butte, and a piece of sacred sage from the prairie

some items in the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)

portrayed Grandpa as the Indians on TV, but Grandpa was not like this

reason Martin was ashamed of Grandpa (The Medicine Bag)

by bus

way Grandpa traveled (The Medicine Bag)

two and a half days

length of bus trip (The Medicine Bag)

tradition of giving it to oldest male of each generation

reason Grandpa gave Martin the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)


the beat/tempo of the old man's heart (Tell-Tale Heart)

Dr. Motherhead

Professor Schlemiel's friend (The Day I Got Lost)


a narrow opening, in like a lamp for example (Tell-Tale Heart)

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