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  1. number was not in phonebook, friends were all at his party
  2. underneath the floorboards
  3. tattoo
  4. Professor Schlemiel
  5. neighbors heard shrieking and called police
  1. a location body was found and hid (Tell-Tale Heart)
  2. b reason he did not call his wife (The Day I Got Lost)
  3. c the beat/tempo of the old man's heart (Tell-Tale Heart)
  4. d name of the Professor (The Day I Got Lost)
  5. e reason police knew something was going on (Tell-Tale Heart)

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  1. wood-boring beetles whose heads make a tapping sound superstitiously regarded as an omen of death (Tell Tale Heart)
  2. city/state where Professor Schlemiel lived (The Day I Got Lost)
  3. narrator (Tell-Tale Heart)
  4. sane man, but very nervous (Tell-Tale Heart)
  5. reason Grandpa left the reservation (The Medicine Bag)

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  1. caretakernarrator's relationship to the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)


  2. vulture eyeold man's eye resembled this.. (Tell-Tale Heart)


  3. Virginia Driving Hawk Sneveauthor (The Medicine Bag)


  4. a broken shell of an iron kettle, a pebble from a butte, and a piece of sacred sage from the prairieway he got home (The Day I Got Lost)


  5. two and a half dayslength of bus trip (The Medicine Bag)