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  1. Bow Wow
  2. midnight
  3. bathtub
  4. Martin
  5. neighbors heard shrieking and called police
  1. a name of dog that Professor Schlemiel's owned (The Day I Got Lost)
  2. b the narrator, brother of Cheryl, receiver of the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)
  3. c reason police knew something was going on (Tell-Tale Heart)
  4. d location body was dismembered (Tell-Tale Heart)
  5. e narrator looked at old man (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)

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  1. narrator (Tell-Tale Heart)
  2. Martin's sister (The Medicine Bag)
  3. way he got home (The Day I Got Lost)
  4. reason the narrator wanted to kill the old man (Tell-Tale Heart)
  5. some items in the medicine bag (The Medicine Bag)

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  1. SiouxGrandpa's Indian tribe (The Medicine Bag)


  2. Professor SchlemielSchlemiel's profession (The Day I Got Lost)


  3. Rosebud ReservationGrandpa's reservation (The Medicine Bag)


  4. number was not in phonebook, friends were all at his partyreason he did not call his wife (The Day I Got Lost)


  5. killed in warnarrator looked at old man (specific time; Tell-Tale Heart)