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  1. Artifact
  2. Theory
  3. Chronography
  4. Longitude
  5. Geology
  1. a study of rocks and land formations
  2. b an object from history that can tell us more about a culture.
  3. c a timeline and arrangement of historical events.
  4. d vertical lines on a map.
  5. e a good idea to a subject's answer or solution. ex: Big Bang *

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  1. a person's interpretation on a primary source artifact.
  2. one event follows the other. A geological *.
  3. an educated guess
  4. Common Era
  5. studies of the human culture

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  1. Latitudehorizontal lines on a map. Going through more distinct cultural areas.


  2. Primary Sourcea scientist's or archaeologist's interpretation of a direct artifact from history.


  3. Cartographythe art of creating maps.


  4. BCEBefore Common Era


  5. Elementsone event follows the other. A geological *.