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Wassily Kandinsky and Glass note cards

Where was Kandinsky born?
When was Kandinsky born?
December 4, 1866
What did Kandinsky take away from his art?
anything that looked like something
Where did he go to college first? What did he study there? How long was he there?
Moscow University; law; until 1896
Where did he go to study art? What age did he start going there?
Munich; 30
What did he use to create his art?
colors, lines, shapes, and angles
What did he believe art's most important element?
What was the art that he pioneered called?
Abstract Expressionism
What is Abstract Expressionism? Where was it originated?
a development of abstract art that originated in New York
What did Abstract Expressionism cause?
the spontaneous act
Who lead the spontaneous act?
Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning
What was Kandinsky's model for his new Abstract art?
Music without words
In what ways are music and art similar?
Music is made of notes that are simply sound. They communicate to the listener in a different way than words do.
Who took Kandinsky's art when war started?
The Nazis
Where did Kandinsky teach art? Why did he leave that country?
Germany; war
What did the Nazis display it as?
deemed inappropriate and unworthy and the destroyed the paintings
What was the exhibit that the Nazis display called?
Degenerate Art
What is glass Made of?
Silica (sand), limestone, soda ash and intense heat
What are the 6 rules for glass?
1) Be Very Careful!
2) Don't run fingers along the sides of glass.
3) Wear closed toes shoes.
4) Let glass fall, never try to catch it.
5) Never brush glass off the table with your hands, use a broom.
6) NO glass pieces put in to the trash, use the "Sharps" bin.
What is the glass process called?
Glass is an ______ solid.
What does glass resemble?
a frozen liquid
What does fusing mean?
melting compatible glass together in the kiln
What does slumping mean?
heating glass to soften point casing it to sag over or to slump into a mold
What does compatibility mean?
capable of existing together
Glass has to be compatible to be fused together
What does annealing mean?
a heat treatment that alters the microstucture of a material causing changes in its properties
What does glass mean?
expands when it heats and contracts when it cools
What is C.O.E? What does it mean?
Coefficient of Expansion; the rate glass expands and contracts
What is draping?
laying glass over a mold and allowing it to sag as it is heated