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Reading Explorer 5 - Unit 2A


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chart (v)
to make a map of an area of land, sea, or stars
contemporary (adj)
happening or done in the same period of time
estate (n)
a large area of land in the country, usually with one large house on it and one owner
intervention (n)
the act of becoming involved in an argument, fight, or other difficult situation in order to change what happens
compensate (v)
to replace or balance the effect of something bad
dynamic (adj)
continuously moving or changing
survey (n)
an examination of an area of land [or space] in order to make a map of it
transit (v)
to pass across (Merriam-Webster definition)
attain (v)
to reach a particular level, age, size etc
outcome (n)
the final result of a meeting, discussion, war etc